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"acute" accent (fr: aigu)とは意味
"agariyu" tubとは意味
"all is flux, nothing stays still" (heraclitus)とは意味
"as above" markとは意味
"before the spirit of the deceased" (written on the condolence-money envelope)とは意味
"behind closed doors"とは意味
"bon voyage!"とは意味
"bridge building"とは意味
"carton compact"とは意味
"couverture ordinaire"とは意味
"critique of pure reason" (kant)とは意味
"customer puller"とは意味
"damning with faint praise"とは意味
"dancing" with hands and arms from a seated positionとは意味
"don't be a screw off"とは意味
"don't fuck around"とは意味
"en masse" conveyor/elevatorとは意味
"en masse" feederとは意味
"flowers and birds"とは意味
"gentleman" who escorts a woman home, only to make a pass at herとは意味
"grass" kanjiとは意味
"grave" accentとは意味
"have a nice trip!"とは意味
"hundred flowers" campaignとは意味
"hundreds" columnとは意味
"if everyone crosses against the red light, then there's nothing to be afraid of"とは意味
"iron curtain"とは意味
"it" (i.e., in a game of tag)とは意味
"kanji" zeroとは意味
"key money"とは意味
"kicking upstairs"とは意味
"killing" (loving) wordsとは意味
"let a hundred flowers blossom"とは意味
"lucky-dip" bagとは意味
"mr so-and-so"とは意味
"my humble self"とは意味
"no. 2"とは意味
"once upon a time"とは意味
"one length" hairとは意味
"pocket hello kitty" that combines a pedometer and a tamagotchiとは意味
"private party"とは意味
"solving" a problem by ignoring itとは意味
"spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 adとは意味
"ten thousands" columnとは意味
"tens" columnとは意味
"the aisle", i.e. the thing a bride walks down (lit: virgin road)とは意味
"the water trade"とは意味
"the wife"とは意味
"the world"とは意味
"thousands" columnとは意味
"to make it mine"とは意味
"tofu" machineとは意味
"tonal" effectとは意味
"true" adjectiveとは意味
"we, the emperor, .."とは意味
"white point" temperature (of dispersions)とは意味
"with the author's compliments"とは意味
"would not put it past him"とは意味
"you are here" (on map)とは意味
"zig-zag" combとは意味
"zig-zag" wraithとは意味
# 1とは意味
# 606とは意味
# signとは意味
'tween deck ceilingとは意味
'tween deck frameとは意味
'tween deck ladderとは意味
'tween decksとは意味
'tweendeck cargo spaceとは意味
(1) constableとは意味
(1) croquetとは意味
(1) dabとは意味
(1) grantとは意味
(1) leveeとは意味
(1) older brotherとは意味
(1) shooterとは意味
(1) tallowとは意味
(1) to assemble everything togetherとは意味
(2) chuteとは意味
(2) croquetteとは意味
(2) doveとは意味
(2) gruntとは意味
(2) levyとは意味
(2) method of catching criminalsとは意味
(2) taroとは意味
(2) to do something as a groupとは意味
(2,4-dichlorophenoxy) acetic acidとは意味
(2-acetoxypropyl)trimethylammonium chlorideとは意味
(2-hydroxypropyl)trimethylammonium chloride acetateとは意味
(2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxy)acetic acidとは意味
(3) dubとは意味
(4-chloro-2-methylphenoxy)acetic acidとは意味
(a bit of) fine sceneryとは意味
(a bit) salty or spicyとは意味
(a business) open all nightとは意味
(a feeling of) identification (with)とは意味
(a golden opportunity that may) happen only once in a thousand yearsとは意味
(a house) two doors awayとは意味
(a little) shamefulとは意味
(a measure of volume) 18 litresとは意味
(a person's) family backgroundとは意味
(a priest's) secular surnameとは意味
(a round of) calls at the homes of one's pupilsとは意味
(a stock) exchangeとは意味
(a woman) being gifted with both intelligence and beautyとは意味
(a written) petitionとは意味
(a young adult still) living at homeとは意味
(a) biteとは意味
(a) bruiseとは意味
(a) bullyとは意味
(a) bushhammerとは意味
(a) bustleとは意味
(a) charとは意味
(a) claimとは意味
(a) coldとは意味
(a) conglomerateとは意味
(a) conjectureとは意味
(a) convenienceとは意味
(a) criminalとは意味
(a) curiosityとは意味
(a) delightとは意味
(a) difficultyとは意味
(a) disgraceとは意味
(a) diureticとは意味
(a) dragoonとは意味
(a) droneとは意味
(a) fairとは意味
(a) fakeとは意味
(a) fake or forgeryとは意味
(a) findとは意味
(a) finisherとは意味
(a) fixed costとは意味
(a) flailとは意味
(a) fluidとは意味
(a) glass (nl: kop)とは意味
(a) go (approx. 0.18l or 0.33m)とは意味
(a) graftとは意味
(a) guessとは意味
(a) hopeとは意味
(a) joyとは意味
(a) judgeとは意味
(a) jumpとは意味
(a) latchとは意味
(a) line drawingとは意味
(a) liquidとは意味
(a) loadとは意味
(a) loanとは意味
(a) lookとは意味
(a) lureとは意味
(a) marbleとは意味
(a) marchとは意味
(a) measureとは意味
(a) measure for volumeとは意味
(a) modelとは意味
(a) moldとは意味
(a) momentとは意味
(a) mortarとは意味
(a) mummyとは意味
(a) myomaとは意味
(a) natural musical noteとは意味
(a) once in a lifetime (opportunity)とは意味
(a) paintingとは意味
(a) patrolとは意味
(a) permitとは意味
(a) pheasant's eyeとは意味
(a) pileとは意味
(a) plummetとは意味
(a) premiumとは意味
(a) professionalとは意味
(a) pseudopodiumとは意味
(a) receiptとは意味
(a) recommendationとは意味
(a) relishとは意味
(a) requestとは意味
(a) resortとは意味
(a) restとは意味
(a) ripとは意味
(a) rulerとは意味
(a) sacrificeとは意味
(a) scoldingとは意味
(a) screwとは意味
(a) shaftとは意味
(a) sinkとは意味
(a) strikeとは意味
(a) styleとは意味
(a) sulfideとは意味
(a) summonsとは意味
(a) survivorとは意味
(a) suspectとは意味
(a) tearとは意味
(a) transferとは意味
(a) valuableとは意味
(a) varietyとは意味
(a) voiceとは意味
(a) whistleとは意味
(a) willとは意味
(a) witnessとは意味
(a) writerとは意味
(abbr) game called off because of rain (baseball)とは意味
(abbr) hunting capとは意味
(abbr) loss leaderとは意味
(abbr.) communismとは意味
(absolute/relative) spectral responseとは意味
(academic) excellenceとは意味
(accomplished in) both the literary and military artsとは意味
(accomplished) woman painterとは意味
(according to the lunar calendar) an eighteen-day-old moonとは意味
(acoustical) shadowとは意味
(act of) swallowingとは意味
(act or crime of) pollutionとは意味
(acting as) a dragとは意味
(acting) romantic leadとは意味
(actinic) erythemaとは意味
(actors' or sumo wrestlers') hairdresserとは意味
(adding) extra fertilizer or manureとは意味
(addition of) hot waterとは意味
(adj noun) obedientlyとは意味
(adj-na,n) truthとは意味
(adv) heartwarmingとは意味
(ae) count rateとは意味
(ae) event countとは意味
(ae) event count rateとは意味
(ae) source locationとは意味
(aeronautical) beyond rightとは意味
(after a failure) gather strength for a renewed attack (on)とは意味
(ainu) bear festivalとは意味
(air) bubble (esp. in a liquid)とは意味
(air) circulatorとは意味
(air) turbulenceとは意味
(air-traffic) controllerとは意味
(aircraft maintenance) operations specificationとは意味
(aircraft's) approachとは意味
(aircraft) hangarとは意味
(airframe) structural evaluationとは意味
(airport) terminal buildingとは意味
(alcohol, drug) dependenceとは意味
(all of) you or themとは意味
(all of) you or those menとは意味
(all) are able to get inとは意味
(all) the documents related (to the matter)とは意味
(all) togetherとは意味
(allowing for) population increaseとは意味
(also suffix) continuation (in time and space)とは意味
(also suffix) deliveryとは意味
(alternative name for) mt. fujiとは意味
(american) pumaとは意味
(ammunition) cartridgeとは意味
(amount of a samurai's) stipendとは意味
(amount of) expenditures or disbursementsとは意味
(amount of) moneyとは意味
(amount of) productionとは意味
(amount of) production or outputとは意味
(amount of) trafficとは意味
(an empty) sloganとは意味
(an expert) in the makingとは意味
(an instruction) manualとは意味
(an old word for) a japaneseとは意味
(an) exitとは意味
(ancient) chinese higher civil service examinationsとは意味
(ancient) comma-shaped jewelsとは意味
(ancient) governorとは意味
(ancient) japanとは意味
(ancient) kyushuとは意味
(ancient) military leader's fanとは意味
(ancient) north china barbarian nationsとは意味
(ancient) policemanとは意味
(ancient) shell moneyとは意味
(animal making a) monstrous apparitionとは意味
(animal or plant) scaleとは意味
(animal's) litterとは意味
(animal) collarとは意味
(animal) offspringとは意味
(animal) penとは意味
(animals) taking kindly to menとは意味
(announcement over) the public address system (e.g. in stadium)とは意味
(annual) staff reassignmentとは意味
(another's respected) fatherとは意味
(another's) well-beingとは意味
(anti-war) activistとは意味
(antilles islands)とは意味
(apportioning) in small amountsとは意味
(apprentice) geishaとは意味
(aquarium) water-plantsとは意味
(archaic) cordial and friendlyとは意味
(archaic) dying of thirstとは意味
(argentine) tangoとは意味
(armed) convoyとは意味
(army unit of) conscripted farmersとは意味
(army) divisionとは意味
(army) engineerとは意味
(army) nurseとは意味
(army) provisionsとは意味
(arrogance and) insolenceとは意味
(article of) folk craftとは意味
(artistic portrait of a) lionとは意味
(artistic) accomplishmentsとは意味
(artistic) carving with a knifeとは意味
(artistic) golden sectionとは意味
(artistic) transparencyとは意味
(as a prefix) miniatureとは意味
(as discordant as) fire and waterとは意味
(astringent) persimmon juiceとは意味
(astronomical) aberrationとは意味
(at the) time of applicationとは意味
(at the) windowとは意味
(at) any timeとは意味
(at) high speedとは意味
(at) my paceとは意味
(at) one boundとは意味
(atmos.) depressionとは意味
(atomic) mushroom cloudとは意味
(attending a) funeralとは意味
(attorney's) right of representationとは意味
(audio) recordingとは意味
(author) selectionとは意味
(authorized) architect and builderとは意味
(automotive) antifreezeとは意味
(automotive) assemblyとは意味
(average) operating pressureとは意味
(avid) anglerとは意味
(baby which is) unhappy unless heldとは意味
(baby) vomiting up milkとは意味
(bad) habitとは意味
(baggage) checkingとは意味
(balance) scalesとは意味
(ball) lot diameter variationとは意味
(ball) lot mean diameterとは意味
(ball) lot mean diameter deviationとは意味
(ballistic) missileとは意味
(bamboo) fencing stickとは意味
(bamboo) hatとは意味
(bank) balanceとは意味
(bank) presidentとは意味
(bank) savingsとは意味
(bank)note issuingとは意味
(bar of) sweet-potato pasteとは意味
(barbed) wire entanglementsとは意味
(bargain) saleとは意味
(baseball) a fielder's choiceとは意味
(baseball) an overhand throwとは意味
(baseball) an underhand throwとは意味
(baseball) ball which is hard to hit or catchとは意味
(baseball) catchとは意味
(baseball) extra inningsとは意味
(baseball) game between waseda and tokyo universitiesとは意味
(baseball) good hitとは意味
(baseball) infieldとは意味
(baseball) passed ballとは意味
(baseball) pitcherとは意味
(baseball) poor hittingとは意味
(baseball) powerful deliveryとは意味
(baseball) reaching the home plateとは意味
(baseball) rundownとは意味
(baseball) season-opening ceremonyとは意味
(baseball) singleとは意味
(baseball) smoking pitchとは意味
(baseball) taking the field first, thus batting secondとは意味
(basket weave type) armourとは意味
(battery) chargerとは意味
(bay) scallopとは意味
(be killed by) friendly fireとは意味
(bearing) boundary dimensionとは意味
(bearing) coneとは意味
(bearing) cone axisとは意味
(bearing) creepとは意味
(bearing) cupとは意味
(bearing) cup axisとは意味
(bearing) drawn cupとは意味
(bearing) housingとは意味
(bearing) inner ringとは意味
(bearing) outer ringとは意味
(bearing) sealとは意味
(bearing) shieldとは意味
(beat) soundlyとは意味
(beautiful) dark eyesとは意味
(beautiful) sceneryとは意味
(beef) scrapsとは意味
(behaving) outrageously as though there were no one aroundとは意味
(being in) high spiritsとは意味
(being in) hot pursuitとは意味
(being in) inverse proportion toとは意味
(being in) the building tradeとは意味
(being on the) defensiveとは意味
(being) presided over byとは意味
(belief in the desirability of) education by rote learningとは意味
(beriberi-caused) heart failureとは意味
(bicycle) luggage carrierとは意味
analytical chemistとは意味
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