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fall behind in one's gradesとは意味
fall behind in one's house paymentsとは意味
fall behind in one's paymentとは意味
fall behind in one's studies and drop out of the schoolとは意味
fall behind in one's taxesとは意味
fall behind in one's workとは意味
fall behind in the countとは意味
fall behind on one's billsとは意味
fall behind one's foreign counterparts in originalityとは意味
fall behind other nations such asとは意味
fall behind others in the classroomとは意味
fall behind scheduleとは意味
fall behind the curveとは意味
fall behind the learning curveとは意味
fall behind the population growthとは意味
fall behind the timesとは意味
fall behind with one's workとは意味
fall belowとは意味
fall below a predetermined thresholdとは意味
fall below an estimateとは意味
fall below analysts' expectationsとは意味
fall below issue priceとは意味
fall below measurable limitsとは意味
fall below minimum standards for the humane treatment of prisonersとは意味
fall below parとは意味
fall below projectionsとは意味
fall below set thresholdsとは意味
fall below the averageとは意味
fall below the markとは意味
fall below the minimum food needs of the countryとは意味
fall below the official poverty levelとは意味
fall below the poverty lineとは意味
fall below the previous year's figures for the first timeとは意味
fall below the previous year's levelとは意味
fall below the quotaとは意味
fall beside the markとは意味
fall between the cracksとは意味
fall between the cracks in the ordinary course of businessとは意味
fall between two stoolsとは意味
fall blockとは意味
fall breakとは意味
fall broadlyとは意味
fall byとは意味
fall by the waysideとは意味
fall cityとは意味
fall coatとは意味
fall continuouslyとは意味
fall crestとは意味
fall critically illとは意味
fall cropとは意味
fall croppingとは意味
fall cryingとは意味
fall deadとは意味
fall dead in battleとは意味
fall dead on the streetとは意味
fall deadweightとは意味
fall deeper into debt forとは意味
fall deeper into recessionとは意味
fall directly onとは意味
fall doingとは意味
fall downとは意味
fall down a cliffとは意味
fall down a flight of stairsとは意味
fall down a precipiceとは意味
fall down about one's earsとは意味
fall down all over one anotherとは意味
fall down and go boomとは意味
fall down and hit one's headとは意味
fall down backwardとは意味
fall down elevator shaftとは意味
fall down embankmentとは意味
fall down from exhaustionとは意味
fall down from the platformとは意味
fall down in a faintとは意味
fall down in a fitとは意味
fall down in a heapとは意味
fall down in a swoonとは意味
fall down in a trainとは意味
fall down on a jobとは意味
fall down on itとは意味
fall down on one's faceとは意味
fall down on one's promisesとは意味
fall down on the jobとは意味
fall down on the stairsとは意味
fall down on top of one anotherとは意味
fall down one after anotherとは意味
fall down one on top of anotherとは意味
fall down stairsとは意味
fall down testとは意味
fall down the gapとは意味
fall down the stairway from the top stepとは意味
fall down the wall to go downとは意味
fall down to the groundとは意味
fall down togetherとは意味
fall down with a thudとは意味
fall downstairsとは意味
fall drasticallyとは意味
fall dressingとは意味
fall drop by dropとは意味
fall dueとは意味
fall due for redemptionとは意味
fall eerily quietとは意味
fall even furtherとは意味
fall faceとは意味
fall face first onとは意味
fall facedown out ofとは意味
fall far behind other nations in embracing the it revolutionとは意味
fall far shortとは意味
fall far short ofとは意味
fall far short of expectationsとは意味
fall far short of expectations in terms of effectivenessとは意味
fall far short of public expectationsとは意味
fall fashionとは意味
fall fast asleepとは意味
fall fertilizingとは意味
fall festivalとは意味
fall flatとは意味
fall flat on one's backとは意味
fall flat on one's behindとは意味
fall flat on one's faceとは意味
fall flavor fairとは意味
fall flopとは意味
fall flop into the waterとは意味
fall floweringとは意味
fall fluttering in the windとは意味
fall foliageとは意味
fall forとは意味
fall for a diamond ring fraudとは意味
fall for a false celine bagとは意味
fall for a lemonとは意味
fall for a trick completelyとは意味
fall for an e-mail fraudとは意味
fall for each otherとは意味
fall for one's lineとは意味
fall for someone's charmsとは意味
fall for someone's fast-talking pitchesとは意味
fall for someone's honeyed wordsとは意味
fall for the hypeとは意味
fall for the trapとは意味
fall for threatsとは意味
fall forwardとは意味
fall foul ofとは意味
fall foul of the lawとは意味
fall fromとは意味
fall from a bridgeとは意味
fall from a considerable heightとは意味
fall from a considerable height againstとは意味
fall from a horseとは意味
fall from a ladderとは意味
fall from a precipiceとは意味
fall from a roofとは意味
fall from a treeとは意味
fall from bedとは意味
fall from bridgeとは意味
fall from buildingとは意味
fall from chairとは意味
fall from favorとは意味
fall from favor withとは意味
fall from graceとは意味
fall from grace because of allegations of misuse of political fundsとは意味
fall from grace withとは意味
fall from heightとは意味
fall from ladderとは意味
fall from moving vehicleとは意味
fall from orbitとは意味
fall from powerとは意味
fall from power as a result of a conflict withとは意味
fall from scaffoldとは意味
fall from stairsとは意味
fall from the ceilingとは意味
fall from the platformとは意味
fall from the positionとは意味
fall from the skyとは意味
fall from the topとは意味
fall from treeとは意味
fall from virtueとは意味
fall from wealth to povertyとは意味
fall from windowとは意味
fall full lengthとは意味
fall furtherとは意味
fall further behindとは意味
fall gently to the groundとは意味
fall guyとは意味
fall hammer testとは意味
fall head over heelsとは意味
fall head over heels forとは意味
fall head over heels in loveとは意味
fall head over heels in love withとは意味
fall headfirstとは意味
fall headlight over tailpipe forとは意味
fall headlongとは意味
fall headlong intoとは意味
fall headlong to the groundとは意味
fall heavilyとは意味
fall heavily onto the pathとは意味
fall heir toとは意味
fall homeとは意味
fall hopelessly in loveとは意味
fall illとは意味
fall ill from an insufficiency of vitamin cとは意味
fall ill from overworkとは意味
fall ill on the streetとは意味
fall ill through overworkとは意味
fall ill withとは意味
fall inとは意味
fall in a cascadeとは意味
fall in a faintとは意味
fall in a fiery ball into the seaとは意味
fall in a heapとは意味
fall in a riverとは意味
fall in a spinとは意味
fall in a vicious cycleとは意味
fall in actionとは意味
fall in alongsideとは意味
fall in and out of love quicklyとは意味
fall in and out of sleepとは意味
fall in and pull togetherとは意味
fall in bathtubとは意味
fall in battleとは意味
fall in besideとは意味
fall in blood pressureとは意味
fall in blood pressure upon standingとは意味
fall in debtとは意味
fall in decayとは意味
fall in demandとは意味
fall in dropsとは意味
fall in flakesとは意味
fall in forとは意味
fall in head first and drownとは意味
fall in head first into the waterとは意味
fall in incomeとは意味
fall in inflationとは意味
fall in interest ratesとは意味
fall in line withとは意味
fall in loveとは意味
fall in love at first sightとは意味
fall in love for the first time in one's lifeとは意味
fall in love when they are working together atとは意味
fall in love withとは意味
fall in love with japanese traditionとは意味
fall in love with one's fatherとは意味
fall in love with someone at first sightとは意味
fall in love with someone when one first seesとは意味
fall in love with the beauty of the forestとは意味
fall in love with the best-looking boy in one's schoolとは意味
fall in love with the best-looking girl in one's schoolとは意味
fall in love with the wife ofとは意味
fall in market priceとは意味
fall in mistakeとは意味
fall in non-farm payrollsとは意味
fall in on oneselfとは意味
fall in one ofとは意味
fall in one's wayとは意味
fall in piecesとは意味
fall in placeとは意味
fall in pressureとは意味
fall in priceとは意味
fall in pricesとは意味
fall in productionとは意味
fall in profitsとは意味
fall in public esteemとは意味
fall in public estimationとは意味
fall in ratesとは意味
fall in reactionとは意味
fall in ruinsとは意味
fall in someone's lapとは意味
fall in step withとは意味
fall in stocksとは意味
fall in temperatureとは意味
fall in the category of a large businessとは意味
fall in the drinkとは意味
fall in the levelsとは意味
fall in the number of students because of the declining birthrateとは意味
fall in the price of coalとは意味
fall in the value of the dollarとは意味
fall in the white blood cell countとは意味
fall in the worldとは意味
fall in the yenとは意味
fall in twoとは意味
fall in valueとは意味
fall in warとは意味
fall in whirlsとは意味
fall in withとは意味
fall in with a bad crowdとは意味
fall in with a bad crowd to annoy the parentsとは意味
fall in with a friend on the streetとは意味
fall in with a processionとは意味
fall in with one's planとは意味
fall in with othersとは意味
fall in with someone's suggestionとは意味
fall in with someone's viewとは意味
fall inevitably into the hands of petty-minded officialsとは意味
fall injuriesとは意味
fall insensibleとは意味
fall instantly in love right thereとは意味
fall intoとは意味
fall into a bottomless pitとは意味
fall into a brown studyとは意味
fall into a comaとは意味
fall into a coma while in officeとは意味
fall into a cycle ofとは意味
fall into a dangerとは意味
fall into a dangerous situationとは意味
fall into a declineとは意味
fall into a deep placeとは意味
fall into a deep sleepとは意味
fall into a deep slumberとは意味
fall into a deep swoonとは意味
fall into a deep tranceとは意味
fall into a deep wellとは意味
fall into a deflationary spiralとは意味
fall into a deliriumとは意味
fall into a delusionとは意味
fall into a dissolute way of lifeとは意味
fall into a ditchとは意味
fall into a dozeとは意味
fall into a drowseとは意味
fall into a faint with exhaustionとは意味
fall into a fast sleepとは意味
fall into a financial imbroglioとは意味
fall into a fit of convulsionsとは意味
fall into a flutterとは意味
fall into a funkとは意味
fall into a gangとは意味
fall into a good habitとは意味
fall into a grooveとは意味
fall into a habitとは意味
fall into a half-dozeとは意味
fall into a heavy slumberとは意味
fall into a holeとは意味
fall into a jumbleとは意味
fall into a lamentable conditionとは意味
fall into a lapse of attentionとは意味
fall into a life of dissolutionとは意味
fall into a light tranceとは意味
fall into a lively pleasant conversationとは意味
fall into a melancholy moodとは意味
fall into a mood of sadnessとは意味
fall into a panicとは意味
fall into a passionとは意味
fall into a peaceful sleepとは意味
fall into a pitとは意味
fall into a pleasant reverie about one's boyhoodとは意味
fall into a pondとは意味
fall into a profound sleepとは意味
fall into a puddleとは意味
fall into a quarrel withとは意味
fall into a rageとは意味
fall into a recession againとは意味
fall into a restless sleepとは意味
fall into a reverie about the pastとは意味
fall into a rutとは意味
fall into a serious state of looting, persecution and massacreとは意味
fall into a severe state of depressionとは意味
fall into a sewerとは意味
fall into a sluggish paceとは意味
fall into a slumberとは意味
fall into a slumpとは意味
fall into a snareとは意味
fall into a state of chaosとは意味
fall into a state of dilapidationとは意味
fall into a state of mutual distrustとは意味
fall into a swoonとは意味
fall into a thoughtful moodとは意味
fall into a tranceとは意味
fall into a trap of nice wordsとは意味
fall into a trenchとは意味
fall into a vicious circle of deflationとは意味
fall into a violent rageとは意味
fall into abeyanceとは意味
fall into affordable rangeとは意味
fall into an abyssとは意味
fall into an ambushとは意味
fall into an argumentとは意味
fall into arrearsとは意味
fall into bad companyとは意味
fall into bad habitsとは意味
fall into bankruptcyとは意味
fall into bankruptcy like a house of cardsとは意味
fall into bedとは意味
fall into careless waysとは意味
fall into chaosとは意味
fall into chime withとは意味
fall into companyとは意味
fall into confusionとは意味
fall into contemptとは意味
fall into contempt for saying such a thing in publicとは意味
fall into conversationとは意味
fall into conversation withとは意味
fall into crisisとは意味
fall into critical conditionとは意味
fall into critical situationsとは意味
fall into debtとは意味
fall into decadenceとは意味
fall into decayとは意味
fall into deep meditationとは意味
fall into depressionとは意味
fall into despondencyとは意味
fall into desuetudeとは意味
from this placeとは意味
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