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obstructive to the progress ofとは意味
obstructive uropathyとは意味
obstructive varietyとは意味
obtain a bad markとは意味
obtain a better understanding ofとは意味
obtain a better viewとは意味
obtain a better view ofとは意味
obtain a biopsy specimen of the stomach liningとは意味
obtain a bit of tissue fromとは意味
obtain a bomb-survivor's health cardとは意味
obtain a careful historyとは意味
obtain a cell-phoneとは意味
obtain a cellular phoneとは意味
obtain a challenging position asとは意味
obtain a championshipとは意味
obtain a cheap flight toとは意味
obtain a clinical responseとは意味
obtain a closer estimate ofとは意味
obtain a cone ofとは意味
obtain a confessionとは意味
obtain a copy of a speechとは意味
obtain a cultural activities visaとは意味
obtain a degreeとは意味
obtain a detailed history of symptomsとは意味
obtain a diplomaとは意味
obtain a discountとは意味
obtain a divorce fromとは意味
obtain a dna match withとは意味
obtain a driver's licenseとは意味
obtain a favorable outcomeとは意味
obtain a fluid sample for analysisとは意味
obtain a footing in the firmとは意味
obtain a full refundとは意味
obtain a full time positionとは意味
obtain a good markとは意味
obtain a good price for fashionable designsとは意味
obtain a great deal of food fromとは意味
obtain a guarantee for the current regimeとは意味
obtain a gun carry permitとは意味
obtain a high priceとは意味
obtain a higher standard of livingとは意味
obtain a jobとは意味
obtain a job asとは意味
obtain a job interviewとは意味
obtain a larger flowerとは意味
obtain a larger fruitとは意味
obtain a licenseとは意味
obtain a license for teachingとは意味
obtain a license fromとは意味
obtain a license to establish a bank from scratchとは意味
obtain a license to use nuclear fuel material inとは意味
obtain a lightとは意味
obtain a list of websites that closely matches one's search criteriaとは意味
obtain a little leisureとは意味
obtain a livelihoodとは意味
obtain a loanとは意味
obtain a loan ofとは意味
obtain a longer stemとは意味
obtain a lot of votesとは意味
obtain a lot of votes inとは意味
obtain a lung tissue sample for microscopic examinationとは意味
obtain a mandate toとは意味
obtain a master's degree inとは意味
obtain a mastery of the languageとは意味
obtain a mining concessionとは意味
obtain a mobileとは意味
obtain a mobile-phoneとは意味
obtain a moistening effectとは意味
obtain a necessary skill efficientlyとは意味
obtain a pardonとは意味
obtain a part-time work permitとは意味
obtain a passportとは意味
obtain a passport by using false identificationとは意味
obtain a patentとは意味
obtain a patent forとは意味
obtain a patent for an inventionとは意味
obtain a patent onとは意味
obtain a patent rightとは意味
obtain a patient's informed consent before conducting the procedure or treatmentとは意味
obtain a permanent seatとは意味
obtain a picture of the past physical conditions from present dataとは意味
obtain a positionとは意味
obtain a position asとは意味
obtain a position in a concernとは意味
obtain a profitとは意味
obtain a promise fromとは意味
obtain a proportion of the profitとは意味
obtain a prothrombin time periodicallyとは意味
obtain a provisional green light fromとは意味
obtain a qualification toとは意味
obtain a quid pro quoとは意味
obtain a real estate loanとは意味
obtain a recommendation letter fromとは意味
obtain a refundとは意味
obtain a relative governmental licenseとは意味
obtain a relevant historyとは意味
obtain a reliable witness in order to confirm the trialとは意味
obtain a replacementとは意味
obtain a reputation forとは意味
obtain a resident postとは意味
obtain a respectful hearingとは意味
obtain a revenue fromとは意味
obtain a rewardとは意味
obtain a sampleとは意味
obtain a sample for diagnostic testingとは意味
obtain a sample of cells fromとは意味
obtain a sample of gastric juice by inserting a slender tube through the nose and into the stomachとは意味
obtain a sample of stomach fluidとは意味
obtain a sample of the fluid in the alveoli for examinationとは意味
obtain a scholarshipとは意味
obtain a search warrant onとは意味
obtain a seat in the houseとは意味
obtain a seat on a board of directorとは意味
obtain a short restとは意味
obtain a short-term travelers insurance policyとは意味
obtain a small amount of stool on a gloved fingerとは意味
obtain a small sample of stool to test for hidden bloodとは意味
obtain a small sample of stool to test for occult bloodとは意味
obtain a smoother induction ofとは意味
obtain a solution corresponding to a static universeとは意味
obtain a specimenとは意味
obtain a specimen by inserting a needle through the skinとは意味
obtain a specimen of lung tissue through the bronchial wallとは意味
obtain a substantial profitとは意味
obtain a survey fromとは意味
obtain a teacher's licenseとは意味
obtain a ticket forとは意味
obtain a transferとは意味
obtain a transfer toとは意味
obtain a true image over an extended field of viewとは意味
obtain a very rare bookとは意味
obtain a visaとは意味
obtain a visa before traveling to japanとは意味
obtain a visitation orderとは意味
obtain a warrantとは意味
obtain a work visaとは意味
obtain absolutionとは意味
obtain acceptanceとは意味
obtain access to the examinerとは意味
obtain accommodation for the nightとは意味
obtain account information for the userとは意味
obtain accuracy ofとは意味
obtain additional evidenceとは意味
obtain additional information onとは意味
obtain adequate dispute settlement capabilitiesとは意味
obtain adequate income fromとは意味
obtain admissionとは意味
obtain admission intoとは意味
obtain admission toとは意味
obtain admittanceとは意味
obtain admittance intoとは意味
obtain admittance into the exhibit roomとは意味
obtain admittance toとは意味
obtain advantage fromとは意味
obtain adviceとは意味
obtain advice from one's doctor aboutとは意味
obtain agreement from the executives aboutとは意味
obtain agreement in advanceとは意味
obtain aidとは意味
obtain almsとは意味
obtain an abortionとは意味
obtain an acceptable resolution toとは意味
obtain an accurate diagnosisとは意味
obtain an acquittalとは意味
obtain an adequate knowledge ofとは意味
obtain an advanceとは意味
obtain an advance on one's payとは意味
obtain an advance on one's salaryとは意味
obtain an advantageとは意味
obtain an arrest warrant forとは意味
obtain an arrest warrant for someone on suspicion of arsonとは意味
obtain an arrest warrant onとは意味
obtain an estimate fromとは意味
obtain an evidence in a criminal caseとは意味
obtain an exact information from tv or radioとは意味
obtain an exclusive rightとは意味
obtain an in-depth understanding ofとは意味
obtain an indemnity forとは意味
obtain an interview withとは意味
obtain an offerとは意味
obtain an orderとは意味
obtain an overall grasp ofとは意味
obtain an overview ofとは意味
obtain an understanding ofとは意味
obtain an unprecedented promotionとは意味
obtain and distribute informationとは意味
obtain and install the patchesとは意味
obtain and maintain all required documents approvalsとは意味
obtain and maintain product liability insurance forとは意味
obtain and use various information onとは意味
obtain approval for the registration of the expo fromとは意味
obtain approval from donorsとは意味
obtain approval from more than two-thirds of land ownersとは意味
obtain assistanceとは意味
obtain assurances fromとは意味
obtain authoritative opinions off the record fromとは意味
obtain bank loansとは意味
obtain benefits in exchange forとは意味
obtain best results by choosing one exclusive distributorとは意味
obtain bidding information fromとは意味
obtain blanket authority fromとは意味
obtain blood samplesとは意味
obtain broad support fromとは意味
obtain broader public understanding and support forとは意味
obtain buy-inとは意味
obtain by fraudとは意味
obtain cerebrospinal fluid for laboratory analysisとは意味
obtain certification ofとは意味
obtain child-raising supportとは意味
obtain child-rearing supportとは意味
obtain citizenshipとは意味
obtain clothes that encompass bottomとは意味
obtain clues to the cause ofとは意味
obtain comments fromとは意味
obtain compensationとは意味
obtain confirmationとは意味
obtain consensusとは意味
obtain consent fromとは意味
obtain cooperationとは意味
obtain corporate statusとは意味
obtain creditとは意味
obtain credit cards in someone's nameとは意味
obtain damagesとは意味
obtain dazzling resultsとは意味
obtain detailed informationとは意味
obtain details ofとは意味
obtain diet approvalとは意味
obtain documents for purely academic research purposesとは意味
obtain domain names identical with or similar to other party's trademarksとは意味
obtain driver's licenses abroadとは意味
obtain drugsとは意味
obtain easilyとは意味
obtain easy acquiescenceとは意味
obtain economic assistance fromとは意味
obtain employment at the companyとは意味
obtain enough supportとは意味
obtain enough water for irrigationとは意味
obtain entranceとは意味
obtain entrance intoとは意味
obtain entrance toとは意味
obtain environmental data fromとは意味
obtain evidence relating toとは意味
obtain excellent educationとは意味
obtain excellent resultsとは意味
obtain extremely clear imagesとは意味
obtain fameとは意味
obtain financial support from the national government as a redevelopment projectとは意味
obtain flash reports onとは意味
obtain free membership at the golf courseとは意味
obtain free updates for the software that one already purchasedとは意味
obtain fromとは意味
obtain full evidenceとは意味
obtain full insuranceとは意味
obtain funds to buy drugs for oneselfとは意味
obtain general information about metabolic function in the brainとは意味
obtain global informationとは意味
obtain global standardsとは意味
obtain good resultsとは意味
obtain goods by false pretensesとは意味
obtain greater wealthとは意味
obtain helpとは意味
obtain high-quality imagesとは意味
obtain highly detailed pictures ofとは意味
obtain hold overとは意味
obtain horses by requisitionとは意味
obtain ideal proportions ofとは意味
obtain illegal employmentとは意味
obtain images of the brain's inner structuresとは意味
obtain immediate control of the airwayとは意味
obtain information about an individual from a third partyとは意味
obtain information from customersとは意味
obtain information onとは意味
obtain information through the use of the internetとは意味
obtain informed consentとは意味
obtain informed consent from all study subjectsとは意味
obtain informed consent from the patient or a legal guardianとは意味
obtain instant currencyとは意味
obtain intelligenceとは意味
obtain international assistance when neededとは意味
obtain international collaborationとは意味
obtain intravenous accessとは意味
obtain iso certificationとは意味
obtain isolation between signal and drive sourceとは意味
obtain japanese citizenshipとは意味
obtain japanese government approval and court registrationとは意味
obtain japanese nationalityとは意味
obtain justiceとは意味
obtain knowledgeとは意味
obtain knowledge through studyingとは意味
obtain liftとは意味
obtain local consentとは意味
obtain low-interest financing fromとは意味
obtain management agreementとは意味
obtain mandate forとは意味
obtain mastery overとは意味
obtain materialとは意味
obtain material for tissue diagnosisとは意味
obtain material wealthとは意味
obtain materials of mass destructionとは意味
obtain maximum sustainable yieldsとは意味
obtain medical adviceとは意味
obtain medical and welfare-related informationとは意味
obtain membership in a clubとは意味
obtain mining leasesとは意味
obtain money by false pretensesとは意味
obtain money by fraudとは意味
obtain money from someone by a trickとは意味
obtain more access to one's websiteとは意味
obtain necessary and accurate security information quicklyとは意味
obtain necessary informationとは意味
obtain necessary information throughとは意味
obtain new skillsとは意味
obtain nourishment fromとは意味
obtain nuclear weapons capabilitiesとは意味
obtain nutrition fromとは意味
obtain nutrition from the seaとは意味
obtain official authorizationとは意味
obtain official clearanceとは意味
obtain official debt guarantees from the central authoritiesとは意味
obtain official documentsとは意味
obtain one's doctorateとは意味
obtain one's driving licenseとは意味
obtain one's goalとは意味
obtain one's id and passwordとは意味
obtain one's libertyとは意味
obtain one's objectとは意味
obtain one's provisions at the marketとは意味
obtain one's right to an educationとは意味
obtain one's wishとは意味
obtain ownership ofとは意味
obtain paymentとは意味
obtain payment of overdue debtsとは意味
obtain permanent lease fees forとは意味
obtain permanent resident statusとは意味
obtain permissionとは意味
obtain permission fromとは意味
obtain permission toとは意味
obtain permission to copy from the copyright ownerとは意味
obtain permission to enter the areaとは意味
obtain permits to dumpとは意味
obtain personnel and financial support as much as possible from the private sectorとは意味
obtain posthumous gloryとは意味
obtain practice inとは意味
obtain precise information more quickly and easily with the help ofとは意味
obtain prior approval from the dietとは意味
obtain prior consent fromとは意味
obtain prior diet approvalとは意味
obtain privilegesとは意味
obtain product informationとは意味
obtain profits fromとは意味
obtain profits onとは意味
obtain prolonged survivalとは意味
obtain proofとは意味
obtain proposals toとは意味
obtain public understanding of the international situationとは意味
obtain quantitiesとは意味
obtain reasonable assurance about whetherとは意味
obtain redress byとは意味
obtain redress for damagesとは意味
obtain reflectance measurementとは意味
obtain refunds for fake duty-tripsとは意味
obtain release from a contractとは意味
obtain reliefとは意味
obtain relief fromとは意味
obtain relief from a headacheとは意味
obtain relief from abdominal painとは意味
obtain remarkable resultsとは意味
obtain reparation forとは意味
obtain required workersとは意味
obtain results fromとは意味
obtain rightsとは意味
obtain rights in a contractとは意味
obtain samples of tissue for laboratory examinationとは意味
obtain satisfaction for one's gripesとは意味
obtain satisfactory resultsとは意味
obtain securityとは意味
obtain sexual pleasure byとは意味
obtain sight ofとは意味
obtain skills through trainingとは意味
obtain sleeper reservationsとは意味
obtain solace fromとは意味
obtain someone's agreementとは意味
obtain someone's approvalとは意味
obtain someone's assentとは意味
obtain someone's assistance inとは意味
obtain someone's color from the pigmentとは意味
obtain someone's consentとは意味
obtain someone's consent by persuasionとは意味
obtain someone's forgivenessとは意味
obtain someone's goodwillとは意味
obtain someone's informal consentとは意味
obtain someone's pardonとは意味
obtain someone's signatureとは意味
obtain sovereign credit ratingsとは意味
obtain specific administrative informationとは意味
obtain specimens for diagnostic testsとは意味
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