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prevent a significant negative effect on the economyとは意味
prevent a similar incident from happeningとは意味
prevent a similar incident occurring in the futureとは意味
prevent a similar problem in the futureとは意味
prevent a strikeとは意味
prevent a systemic risk from arisingとは意味
prevent a takeoverとは意味
prevent a target diseaseとは意味
prevent a teacher from paying attention to each studentとは意味
prevent a third consecutive defeatとは意味
prevent a tragedyとは意味
prevent a tragedy from recurringとは意味
prevent a virus infection on a computerとは意味
prevent abductionとは意味
prevent abuse of the systemとは意味
prevent abuses in managementとは意味
prevent abusive resort to application of antidumping restrictionsとは意味
prevent access toとは意味
prevent access to inappropriate informationとは意味
prevent accidental firingsとは意味
prevent accidental nuclear warfareとは意味
prevent accidents in the homeとは意味
prevent acts of terrorism againstとは意味
prevent actual use of nuclear weaponsとは意味
prevent additional clots from formingとは意味
prevent adverse effects on the nation's economic systemとは意味
prevent aidsとは意味
prevent aids now initiative committeeとは意味
prevent air from leaking intoとは意味
prevent air pollutionとは意味
prevent all attacksとは意味
prevent all forms of bullying among pupilsとは意味
prevent an abduction from becoming a murderとは意味
prevent an accidentとは意味
prevent an accident from happeningとは意味
prevent an accidental nuclear warとは意味
prevent an actionとは意味
prevent an aggravation of the situationとは意味
prevent an agreement from being reached in negotiations betweenとは意味
prevent an attack ofとは意味
prevent an economic free fallとは意味
prevent an epidemic of the diseaseとは意味
prevent an excessive burden from being placed onとは意味
prevent an exodus out ofとは意味
prevent an invasion of privacyとは意味
prevent an occurrence of criticalityとは意味
prevent an opponent player from capturing an individual titleとは意味
prevent an outflow ofとは意味
prevent anal irritation by making the stool firmerとは意味
prevent analogous incidentsとは意味
prevent and eliminate anticompetitive behavior ofとは意味
prevent and eliminate terrorism in cooperation with the international communityとは意味
prevent and eradicate terrorism through diplomatic effortsとは意味
prevent and fight against social exclusionとは意味
prevent and mitigate famineとは意味
prevent and respond to environmental disastersとは意味
prevent and respond to juvenile delinquencyとは意味
prevent and settle disputes on the basis ofとは意味
prevent and suppress terrorist actsとは意味
prevent and treat constipationとは意味
prevent another accidentとは意味
prevent another round of inflationとは意味
prevent any development of nuclear weaponsとは意味
prevent any foreign matter from getting insideとは意味
prevent any further destabilizationとは意味
prevent any further nuclear testingとは意味
prevent any further theftsとは意味
prevent any infringement by a third partyとは意味
prevent any loss of human lifeとは意味
prevent any marked deterioration of financing environment for smesとは意味
prevent any recurrenceとは意味
prevent anyone else from signing on to the systemとは意味
prevent anyone else from usingとは意味
prevent anyone noticing hangoverとは意味
prevent apoptosisとは意味
prevent approach toとは意味
prevent armed conflict around the worldとは意味
prevent armed confrontationとは意味
prevent armed confrontation by harmonizing the differing interestsとは意味
prevent arms smugglingとは意味
prevent at sourceとは意味
prevent atrocities in the hands ofとは意味
prevent attackとは意味
prevent bad habitsとは意味
prevent bad outcomesとは意味
prevent blindness americaとは意味
prevent blood clots from forming in the treated areaとは意味
prevent blood clottingとは意味
prevent blood vessels from dilating and causing painとは意味
prevent bloodshedとは意味
prevent board warpageとは意味
prevent bullyingとは意味
prevent bureaucratic manipulation of politiciansとは意味
prevent cancerとは意味
prevent cash-strapped health insurance funds from going bankruptとは意味
prevent casualties to innocent civiliansとは意味
prevent chapped skinとは意味
prevent chemicals being diverted to the illicit manufacture of drugsとは意味
prevent children from accessing inappropriate contentとは意味
prevent clots from forming in the veinsとは意味
prevent coldsとは意味
prevent collisions ofとは意味
prevent comorbiditiesとは意味
prevent companies from dumping industrial waste into riversとは意味
prevent competitionとは意味
prevent complication ofとは意味
prevent complications and functional failure leading toとは意味
prevent complications from weaknessとは意味
prevent computer abuseとは意味
prevent conceptionとは意味
prevent conditions such as high blood pressureとは意味
prevent conflict throughとは意味
prevent conflicts before they break outとは意味
prevent conflicts by attacking their rootsとは意味
prevent conflicts from arisingとは意味
prevent confusion in economic systems in the worldとは意味
prevent confusion in the economic systemsとは意味
prevent constipationとは意味
prevent contact of irritating chemicals with sensitive skinとは意味
prevent contagion by the microbesとは意味
prevent convulsions before they happen in the woman judged to be at risk of eclampsiaとは意味
prevent corrosionとは意味
prevent corruption inとは意味
prevent costly lawsuitとは意味
prevent counterfeitingとは意味
prevent cozy relations from developing betweenとは意味
prevent crimeとは意味
prevent crimes from being detectedとは意味
prevent damageとは意味
prevent damage to the printworksとは意味
prevent death from overworkとは意味
prevent decayとは意味
prevent decompositionとは意味
prevent defeatとは意味
prevent deflationとは意味
prevent delayとは意味
prevent delinquencyとは意味
prevent dementiaとは意味
prevent demonstrations from contributing to social unrestとは意味
prevent demoralizationとは意味
prevent destabilization of the regionとは意味
prevent destroying the natural environment of the islandとは意味
prevent detection by investigative organizationsとは意味
prevent detection from the anti-virus softwareとは意味
prevent deterioration in underlying fiscal positionsとは意味
prevent dew from forming on the objective lensとは意味
prevent discolorationとは意味
prevent discriminationとは意味
prevent disease at the first stageとは意味
prevent disputes from growing into serious problemsとは意味
prevent distribution ofとは意味
prevent doctors from over-prescribing drugsとは意味
prevent draftsとは意味
prevent drug abuse in society as a wholeとは意味
prevent drug related crimeとは意味
prevent economic confusion nationally and globallyとは意味
prevent effective use of resourcesとは意味
prevent electric current from taking unwanted pathsとは意味
prevent electromagnetic interferenceとは意味
prevent electronic eavesdroppingとは意味
prevent electrostatic dischargeとは意味
prevent environmental pollutionとは意味
prevent excessive fluctuations of currenciesとは意味
prevent excessive interference withとは意味
prevent excessive supply and demandとは意味
prevent excessive transfer and stockpiling of conventional weaponsとは意味
prevent existing blood clots from enlargingとは意味
prevent expansion of illegal sales organizationsとは意味
prevent exploitation of the vulnerabilityとは意味
prevent exploiting the ruleとは意味
prevent failureとは意味
prevent fair and active competition among telecommunications carriersとは意味
prevent fat deposits from forming inside the human bodyとは意味
prevent fatigueとは意味
prevent favoritism from creeping into the gradingとは意味
prevent financial panicとは意味
prevent firefighters from developing so-called critical incident stressとは意味
prevent floodingとは意味
prevent fluctuations in the exchange rateとは意味
prevent food distributionとは意味
prevent food from easily passing out of the stomachとは意味
prevent food from entering the airwaysとは意味
prevent food from going down the windpipe toward the lungsとは意味
prevent food from going up the noseとは意味
prevent food-induced allergyとは意味
prevent foreign matter from getting intoとは意味
prevent formation of a blood clotとは意味
prevent fraudとは意味
prevent freezing deviceとは意味
prevent from falling offとは意味
prevent from falling outとは意味
prevent from occurringとは意味
prevent from rustingとは意味
prevent from slippingとは意味
prevent full utilization ofとは意味
prevent further attackとは意味
prevent further confusion amongとは意味
prevent further currency devaluationsとは意味
prevent further damageとは意味
prevent further damage by acting quicklyとは意味
prevent further deteriorationとは意味
prevent further deterioration of the environmentとは意味
prevent further drops in the prices of japanese stocks and government bondsとは意味
prevent further economic declineとは意味
prevent further economic deteriorationとは意味
prevent further fluid accumulationとは意味
prevent further fraudulent activityとは意味
prevent further incidents of briberyとは意味
prevent further loss of native woodlandsとは意味
prevent further seizuresとは意味
prevent further terrorist activityとは意味
prevent further violations of human rightsとは意味
prevent further violenceとは意味
prevent further wrongdoingとは意味
prevent future financial crisesとは意味
prevent future lawmakers from making the same mistakeとは意味
prevent future mistakesとは意味
prevent future problems emerging between japan and china from developing into big onesとは意味
prevent future upheavalsとは意味
prevent gender-related racial discriminationとは意味
prevent getting sick before one's tripとは意味
prevent global warmingとは意味
prevent grease buildupとは意味
prevent harmとは意味
prevent harmful sequelaとは意味
prevent health hazards caused byとは意味
prevent heart attacksとは意味
prevent heart diseaseとは意味
prevent heart failureとは意味
prevent hijackingとは意味
prevent hostilitiesとは意味
prevent human-rights violationsとは意味
prevent humans contracting cjdとは意味
prevent ice formationとは意味
prevent illegal accessとは意味
prevent illegal laborとは意味
prevent illicit trade in diamondsとは意味
prevent illness as far as possibleとは意味
prevent illness from becoming worseとは意味
prevent images burning into the screenとは意味
prevent in-hospital infectionとは意味
prevent inaccuraciesとは意味
prevent inadvertent changingとは意味
prevent inconvenienceとは意味
prevent infectionとは意味
prevent infection from tainted blood productsとは意味
prevent infections from recurring frequentlyとは意味
prevent infectious diseaseとは意味
prevent information leaksとは意味
prevent inhuman actsとは意味
prevent injury toとは意味
prevent insect infestationとは意味
prevent insects from entering a roomとは意味
prevent insurance companies from requiring pre-authorizations for hospital staysとは意味
prevent intensification of the power struggle against opposing forcesとは意味
prevent international economic and financial crises from occurringとは意味
prevent interruptions inとは意味
prevent intervention by lawmakers with vested interestsとは意味
prevent intrusive reportingとは意味
prevent invasion of hiv intoとは意味
prevent invasions of privacyとは意味
prevent irregularities such as insider tradingとは意味
prevent juvenile delinquencyとは意味
prevent kinksとは意味
prevent leakage of informationとは意味
prevent leaking of rainとは意味
prevent leaks of lethal radioactive gasとは意味
prevent legislation from moving forwardとは意味
prevent little problems from becoming big problemsとは意味
prevent logical thinkingとは意味
prevent long-term sequelaeとは意味
prevent long-term unemploymentとは意味
prevent malignancy from developingとは意味
prevent malnutritionとは意味
prevent many types of cancerとは意味
prevent mass starvationとは意味
prevent massive starvationとは意味
prevent massive terrorist attacks from happening againとは意味
prevent medical accidentsとは意味
prevent medical side-effectsとは意味
prevent migraine attacks from recurringとは意味
prevent militant groups from launching attacksとは意味
prevent military competitionとは意味
prevent miscarriageとは意味
prevent misfortuneとは意味
prevent missile proliferationとは意味
prevent mold from getting on foodsとは意味
prevent money from dominating election outcomesとは意味
prevent more serious effect of infectionとは意味
prevent more strokesとは意味
prevent morning sickness due to pregnancy withとは意味
prevent muscle soreness and stiffnessとは意味
prevent needless panicとは意味
prevent negative growth from expanding in a spiralとは意味
prevent new clots from forming and causing another strokeとは意味
prevent new looming threatsとは意味
prevent new terrorist attacksとは意味
prevent ngos from joining the conferenceとは意味
prevent noncomplianceとは意味
prevent nonconformity at all stagesとは意味
prevent nuclear proliferationとは意味
prevent nuclear terrorismとは意味
prevent nuclear warとは意味
prevent oil prices from declining furtherとは意味
prevent one's odor from spreading to other foodsとは意味
prevent one's pc from being infectedとは意味
prevent one's travel toとは意味
prevent other countries from doing the sameとは意味
prevent other similar incidentsとは意味
prevent other users from accessing someone's mailとは意味
prevent others from exercising their rightsとは意味
prevent our world from being hit by gigantic asteroidsとは意味
prevent overheating of the spacecraft's interior during atmospheric entryとは意味
prevent overlapとは意味
prevent overlapping investmentとは意味
prevent overloading ofとは意味
prevent overuse ofとは意味
prevent panic selling on the new york stock marketとは意味
prevent parental child abuseとは意味
prevent participation in warとは意味
prevent passing an infection toとは意味
prevent patients from contracting viruses at the clinicとは意味
prevent people from becoming drug abusersとは意味
prevent people from establishing contactsとは意味
prevent personnel from becoming too close toとは意味
prevent piracyとは意味
prevent political corruptionとは意味
prevent political influence over legal proceduresとは意味
prevent politicians' unfair meddling in government affairsとは意味
prevent pollution at sourceとは意味
prevent popular backlashesとは意味
prevent pregnancyとは意味
prevent pregnancy by inhibiting fertilization or implantationとは意味
prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulationとは意味
prevent premature births in high-risk pregnanciesとは意味
prevent pressure onとは意味
prevent pressure sores on the skinとは意味
prevent prices collapsingとは意味
prevent prices from rising too steeplyとは意味
prevent product failureとは意味
prevent proliferation ofとは意味
prevent proliferation of arms of mass destructionとは意味
prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destructionとは意味
prevent proliferation of wmds and missilesとは意味
prevent proper absorption of nutrientsとは意味
prevent prostitutionとは意味
prevent protectionist pressures seen inとは意味
prevent public servants' salaries from being slashedとは意味
prevent radiation leaks from becoming serious accidentsとは意味
prevent radioactive contaminationとは意味
prevent radioactive materials from being leaked in the event of an accidentとは意味
prevent radioactive materials from falling into terrorists' handsとは意味
prevent recidivism among juvenile delinquentsとは意味
prevent recurrenceとは意味
prevent recurrence of crimesとは意味
prevent recurrence of delays in paymentとは意味
prevent recurrences of crisisとは意味
prevent recurrences of infectionとは意味
prevent recurrences of polypsとは意味
prevent recurring disasterとは意味
prevent recurring dislocation ofとは意味
prevent recurring infectionsとは意味
prevent reduplication ofとは意味
prevent reforms from being introduced inとは意味
prevent regional instabilityとは意味
prevent regrowth ofとは意味
prevent regurgitation ofとは意味
prevent religious fervor from running wildとは意味
prevent renewed terrorist attacksとは意味
prevent retired government officials from getting preferential treatment in their new positions or for their businessesとは意味
prevent robbery and burglaryとは意味
prevent runaway unemploymentとは意味
prevent rustとは意味
prevent sabotageとは意味
prevent safe passage ofとは意味
prevent sars from spreading furtherとは意味
prevent saturationとは意味
prevent scaremongeringとは意味
prevent segregationとは意味
prevent seizures from recurringとは意味
prevent serotonin reuptakeとは意味
prevent sexual harassment at schoolとは意味
prevent sexually transmitted diseasesとは意味
prevent similar casesとは意味
prevent similar incidentsとは意味
prevent similar incidents from occurring againとは意味
prevent similar nuclear disastersとは意味
prevent skin roughnessとは意味
prevent slumping economies worldwide from deteriorating furtherとは意味
prevent smes from going into chain-reaction bankruptciesとは意味
prevent smoke escaping to other parts of the buildingとは意味
prevent smoke from entering a nonsmoking areaとは意味
prevent social confusion from occurring due toとは意味
prevent some diseases before they occurとは意味
prevent someone from accidentally writing over data on the disketteとは意味
prevent someone from attending the partyとは意味
prevent someone from becoming caught up in terrorist incidentsとは意味
prevent someone from being boredとは意味
prevent someone from being caught up in crisesとは意味
recipe for success in businessとは意味
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