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recipe ideaとは意味
recipe ingredientsとは意味
recipe managementとは意味
recipe using milkとは意味
recipes for thanksgiving dinnerとは意味
recipient areaとは意味
recipient bacteriaとは意味
recipient bacteriumとは意味
recipient bacterium (pl. recipient bacteria)とは意味
recipient bankとは意味
recipient cellとは意味
recipient chromosomeとは意味
recipient countryとは意味
recipient cultureとは意味
recipient governmentとは意味
recipient of a bribeとは意味
recipient of a decorationとは意味
recipient of a drugとは意味
recipient of a graftとは意味
recipient of a life annuityとは意味
recipient of a nobel prizeとは意味
recipient of a pensionとは意味
recipient of a prizeとは意味
recipient of a telephone callとは意味
recipient of an orderとは意味
recipient of foreign investmentとは意味
recipient of informationとは意味
recipient of paymentsとは意味
recipient of several international prizesとは意味
recipient of the benefitsとは意味
recipient of the benefits of increased tradeとは意味
recipient of the order of cultural meritとは意味
recipient of the order of cultureとは意味
recipient regionとは意味
recipient screenとは意味
recipient siteとは意味
recipient varietyとは意味
recipient's addressとは意味
recipient's mail serverとは意味
recipient's mailboxとは意味
recipient's nameとは意味
recipients of unemployment allowancesとは意味
reciprocal accountとは意味
reciprocal actionとは意味
reciprocal affectionとは意味
reciprocal agreementとは意味
reciprocal altruismとは意味
reciprocal anaphorとは意味
reciprocal anchorageとは意味
reciprocal and balanced confidence-building measuresとは意味
reciprocal armとは意味
reciprocal arrangementsとは意味
reciprocal assimilationとは意味
reciprocal assistanceとは意味
reciprocal averaging methodとは意味
reciprocal bearingとは意味
reciprocal beatとは意味
reciprocal benefitとは意味
reciprocal bigeminyとは意味
reciprocal businessとは意味
reciprocal buyingとは意味
reciprocal cancellationとは意味
reciprocal checkとは意味
reciprocal chiasmaとは意味
reciprocal circuitとは意味
reciprocal color temperatureとは意味
reciprocal colour temperatureとは意味
reciprocal concessionとは意味
reciprocal connectionとは意味
reciprocal contractとは意味
reciprocal controlとは意味
reciprocal correlated color temperatureとは意味
reciprocal correlated colour temperatureとは意味
reciprocal creditとは意味
reciprocal crossとは意味
reciprocal crossingとは意味
reciprocal crossing overとは意味
reciprocal crossing-overとは意味
reciprocal crossingsとは意味
reciprocal currency arrangementとは意味
reciprocal data-sharingとは意味
reciprocal dealingとは意味
reciprocal decisionとは意味
reciprocal demandとは意味
reciprocal differenceとは意味
reciprocal differencesとは意味
reciprocal dispersionとは意味
reciprocal distributionとは意味
reciprocal dutiesとは意味
reciprocal duties or tarrifsとは意味
reciprocal elementとは意味
reciprocal ellipsoidとは意味
reciprocal engineとは意味
reciprocal equationとは意味
reciprocal exchangeとは意味
reciprocal exemptionとは意味
reciprocal experienceとは意味
reciprocal extensionとは意味
reciprocal factorとは意味
reciprocal ferrite switchとは意味
reciprocal flow of feelingとは意味
reciprocal forcesとは意味
reciprocal functionとは意味
reciprocal giftsとは意味
reciprocal help activityとは意味
reciprocal hybridとは意味
reciprocal hybridsとは意味
reciprocal impedanceとは意味
reciprocal inhibitionとは意味
reciprocal innervationとは意味
reciprocal insuranceとは意味
reciprocal interferenceとは意味
reciprocal junctionとは意味
reciprocal l/cとは意味
reciprocal latticeとは意味
reciprocal lattice vectorとは意味
reciprocal lawとは意味
reciprocal law failureとは意味
reciprocal layingとは意味
reciprocal legとは意味
reciprocal letter of creditとは意味
reciprocal levelingとは意味
reciprocal licenseとは意味
reciprocal linear dispersionとは意味
reciprocal linkとは意味
reciprocal loveとは意味
reciprocal matingとは意味
reciprocal matingsとは意味
reciprocal modulationとは意味
reciprocal motionとは意味
reciprocal networkとは意味
reciprocal numberとは意味
reciprocal obligationとは意味
reciprocal of amplification factorとは意味
reciprocal ohmとは意味
reciprocal organizationとは意味
reciprocal plotとは意味
reciprocal predicateとは意味
reciprocal productとは意味
reciprocal productionとは意味
reciprocal pronounとは意味
reciprocal proportionとは意味
reciprocal ratioとは意味
reciprocal recombinationとは意味
reciprocal recurrent selectionとは意味
reciprocal referenceとは意味
reciprocal relationとは意味
reciprocal relationshipとは意味
reciprocal rhythmとは意味
reciprocal ruleとは意味
reciprocal shakerとは意味
reciprocal share holding cross-holdingとは意味
reciprocal shareholdingsとは意味
reciprocal sitesとは意味
reciprocal spaceとは意味
reciprocal spiralとは意味
reciprocal stateとは意味
reciprocal strain ellipsoidとは意味
reciprocal stressとは意味
reciprocal synapseとは意味
reciprocal tariffとは意味
reciprocal tariff treatyとは意味
reciprocal teachingとは意味
reciprocal theoremとは意味
reciprocal theoryとは意味
reciprocal tradeとは意味
reciprocal trade agreementとは意味
reciprocal tradingとは意味
reciprocal transducerとは意味
reciprocal transferとは意味
reciprocal transfer of propertyとは意味
reciprocal transformationとは意味
reciprocal transfusionとは意味
reciprocal translocationとは意味
reciprocal treatmentとは意味
reciprocal treatyとは意味
reciprocal vectorとは意味
reciprocal vectorsとは意味
reciprocal velocity regionとは意味
reciprocal verbとは意味
reciprocal visitとは意味
reciprocal voiceとは意味
reciprocal walking frameとは意味
reciprocal wavelengthとは意味
reciprocally-associated withとは意味
reciprocate as best we mayとは意味
reciprocate by invitingとは意味
reciprocate friendly officesとは意味
reciprocate fully the businessとは意味
reciprocate hostilityとは意味
reciprocate someone's assistanceとは意味
reciprocate someone's favor sometime in futureとは意味
reciprocate someone's favorsとは意味
reciprocate someone's generosityとは意味
reciprocate someone's loveとは意味
reciprocate withとは意味
reciprocate with an insultとは意味
reciprocate with many thanksとは意味
reciprocate your kind wishesとは意味
reciprocated loveとは意味
reciprocating air pumpとは意味
reciprocating aircraftとは意味
reciprocating block slider crank mechanismとは意味
reciprocating compressorとは意味
reciprocating drillとは意味
reciprocating engineとは意味
reciprocating feederとは意味
reciprocating flight conveyorとは意味
reciprocating gait orthosis (rgo)とは意味
reciprocating grateとは意味
reciprocating grate stokerとは意味
reciprocating grindingとは意味
reciprocating grinding head typeとは意味
reciprocating in-line screw injection molding machineとは意味
reciprocating internal combustion engineとは意味
reciprocating knifeとは意味
reciprocating lightとは意味
reciprocating massとは意味
reciprocating mechanismとは意味
reciprocating motionとは意味
reciprocating partとは意味
reciprocating piston engineとは意味
reciprocating piston meterとは意味
reciprocating plate feederとは意味
reciprocating plungerとは意味
reciprocating pumpとは意味
reciprocating ram extruderとは意味
reciprocating rhythmとは意味
reciprocating screenとは意味
reciprocating screwとは意味
reciprocating screw injection machineとは意味
reciprocating screw injection moldingとは意味
reciprocating screw injection molding machineとは意味
reciprocating screw machineとは意味
reciprocating sealとは意味
reciprocating shearとは意味
reciprocating steam pumpとは意味
reciprocating tableとは意味
reciprocating table typeとは意味
reciprocating tachycardiaとは意味
reciprocating type surface grinding machineとは意味
reciprocating work head typeとは意味
reciprocating-plate feederとは意味
reciprocity (math)とは意味
reciprocity agreementとは意味
reciprocity basisとは意味
reciprocity betweenとは意味
reciprocity billとは意味
reciprocity calibrationとは意味
reciprocity clauseとは意味
reciprocity coefficientとは意味
reciprocity failureとは意味
reciprocity lawとは意味
reciprocity law failureとは意味
reciprocity law failure (in spectrographic photometry)とは意味
reciprocity of benefitとは意味
reciprocity principleとは意味
reciprocity relationshipとは意味
reciprocity theoremとは意味
reciprocity theorem (physics)とは意味
reciprocity transducerとは意味
reciprocity treatyとは意味
recirculating airとは意味
recirculating air ductとは意味
recirculating ball linear bearingとは意味
recirculating ball type steering gearとは意味
recirculating control systemとは意味
recirculating flowとは意味
recirculating gas damperとは意味
recirculating gas ductとは意味
recirculating pumped storage power plantとは意味
recirculating pumped storage power stationとは意味
recirculating roller linear bearingとは意味
recirculating systemとは意味
recirculating waterとは意味
recirculation flow control systemとは意味
recirculation of airとは意味
recirculation pipeとは意味
recirculation pumpとは意味
recirculation pump tripとは意味
recirculation ratioとは意味
recirculation valveとは意味
recirculation zoneとは意味
recirculatory semiaerobic landfillとは意味
recital (i.e. of music, by a pupil)とは意味
recital clauseとは意味
recital contestとは意味
recital of choral musicとは意味
recital of poetryとは意味
recitation (of japanese or chinese poem)とは意味
recitation contestとは意味
recitation in nohとは意味
recitation of poetryとは意味
recitation of stories accompanied by samisen (called naniwabushi )とは意味
recitation or chanting of a poemとは意味
recitation sectionとは意味
recitative danceとは意味
recite a charmとは意味
recite a long list ofとは意味
recite a monologとは意味
recite a spellとは意味
recite a spell to purify evil spiritとは意味
recite a sutraとは意味
recite accompanying oneselfとは意味
recite by roteとは意味
recite from memoryとは意味
recite loudlyとは意味
recite namu amida butsuとは意味
recite one's adventureとは意味
recite one's grievancesとは意味
recite sentences in turnとは意味
recite the alphabetとは意味
recite the alphabet backwardsとは意味
recite the alphabet in reverse orderとは意味
recite the catechismとは意味
recite the koranとは意味
recite the names of the deadとは意味
recite the pledgeとは意味
recite the times tablesとは意味
recite three timesとは意味
recite to one's own accompanimentとは意味
recite verseとは意味
reciter's bookとは意味
reciting chinese poemsとは意味
reciting poetryとは意味
reciting without samisen accompanimentとは意味
reck little of dangerとは意味
reck ofとは意味
reckitt & colmanとは意味
reckless abandonとは意味
reckless actとは意味
reckless actionとは意味
reckless adventurerとは意味
reckless arms raceとは意味
reckless attackとは意味
reckless audacityとは意味
reckless behaviorとは意味
reckless childとは意味
reckless conductとは意味
reckless crimeとは意味
reckless daredevilとは意味
reckless decisionとは意味
reckless deedとは意味
reckless defianceとは意味
reckless deforestationとは意味
reckless desperadoとは意味
reckless disregardとは意味
reckless disregard for the truthとは意味
reckless driverとは意味
reckless drivingとは意味
reckless exploitationとは意味
reckless exploitation of natural resourcesとは意味
reckless fellowとは意味
reckless firingとは意味
reckless fiscal spendingとは意味
reckless grandstandingとは意味
reckless loanとは意味
reckless managementとは意味
reckless negligenceとは意味
reckless ofとは意味
reckless of the consequencesとは意味
reckless politicsとは意味
reckless projectとは意味
reckless propagationとは意味
reckless provocationとは意味
reckless remarkとは意味
reckless speedingとは意味
reckless spending habitとは意味
reckless stepとは意味
reckless taxi driverとは意味
safety guide for electric equipmentとは意味
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