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by force of 意味

"by force of"の例文


  • 《by (the) force of》~の力で、~によって
  • force     1force n. (1) 力; 腕力; 暴力; 威力; 勢力; 実施, 効力; 真意, 主旨. 【動詞+】 This abated the
  • by force     by force 力尽く 力付く ちからずく ちからづく 無理無体 むりむたい 否応なしに 否応無しに いやおうなしに 無理押し むりおし 無体 むたい
  • by force    by force力尽く力付くちからずくちからづく無理無体むりむたい否応なしに否応無しにいやおうなしに無理押しむりおし無体むたい強いてしいて
  • by the force of    by (the) fórce of O …の力で,…によって.
  • force    1force n.(1) 力; 腕力; 暴力; 威力; 勢力; 実施, 効力; 真意, 主旨.【動詞+】This abated the force of the impact a little.これで少しは衝動力が弱まったThe bill has not yet acquired legal force.その法案はまだ法的効力を生じていないadmit the force of sb's arg
  • force in    四球で(押し出し)点を与える
  • force into    (人)に~を強いる、強制的に~させるJapanese "salarymen" are finding themselves forced into demeaning early retirement or transfers to lower-status jobs at their companies' subsidiaries. 日本のサラリーマンは屈辱的な早期退職や子会社への左遷を強い
  • force of will    force of will精神力せいしんりょく
  • in force    in force大挙たいきょ
  • in force to    大挙{たいきょ}して~するIn parks and on golf course the people were out in force to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. 公園やゴルフコースでは人々が大挙して季節はずれの暖かい天気を楽しんでいた。
  • then in force    (法律{ほうりつ}などが)その時点{じてん}で有効{ゆうこう}な
  • to force    to force押し付ける押しつけるおしつける吹き掛けるふきかける強いるしいる
  • with force    with fórce 力[勢い] を伴って(?by FORCE ).
  • meet force with force    暴をもって暴に報いる
  • to meet force with force    to meet force with force力に力で応じるちからにちからでおうじる


  • in the end choshu domain avoided collision by force of arms and withdrew; the joi ha group court nobles left kyoto and lost their position .
  • after the death of saigo , times changed from the days of overthrowing the government by force of arms to an era where government could be criticized through freedom of speech .
  • in certain years , however , in the same period as honshu , unsettled chilly weather caused mainly by force of okhotsk anticyclone coming down to the south continues for around two weeks .
  • for example , shogoro nakai , one of totsukawa goshi , was walking the path along a river in shijo of kyoto with his friend who had left tosa domain; they were drunk and outran a sword by force of liquor , and began a confused fight with strangers .
  • some also consider that a decision was made , trying to solve the problem by force of arms , taking into consideration the nature of kamakura bakufu as a military government , or trying to prepare the defense system by alerting its people about a threat from foreign countries .
  • emperor tenmu , who had seized political power by force of arms from emperor kobun , the successor of emperor tenchi , began conducting koshin politics , under which imperial princes and other imperial family members assumed key posts in the government , and thus strengthened the autocracy .
  • the japanese government , shocked by the march first movement , found that it was impossible to rule korea only by force of arms , and changed its budan seiji partly , also in consideration of the emergence of the party cabinet in the taisho democracy period and japanese domestic public criticism of budan seiji .
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