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written material 意味

"written material"の例文


  • 資料{しりょう}
  • written     {形} : 書かれた、文書{ぶんしょ}の、書面{しょめん}による、記入済みの I hate long written tests. 長い筆記試験は大嫌いだ。
  • material     1material n. 物質; 原料, 材料; 資料, 教材; 用具, 道具; (服などの)生地. 【動詞+】 These incidents
  • contributor (of written material)    contributor (of written material)投稿者とうこうしゃ
  • as is written    {1} : 記載どおり--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 《医》処方{しょほう}せんどおりに調剤{ちょうざい}すること◆医師の処方{しょほう}せんに記載されたブランド薬と同内容のジェネリック薬がある場合、通常は薬剤師の裁量でジェネリック薬を処方することも可能だ
  • be written on    be wrítten on [áll óver] O 〈顔など〉にはっきり現れているDespair was written on the mother's face. 母親の顔に絶望の色がありありと見えた.
  • written    {形} : 書かれた、文書{ぶんしょ}の、書面{しょめん}による、記入済みのI hate long written tests. 長い筆記試験は大嫌いだ。--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【レベル】3、【発音】ri'tn、【@】リトゥン、リトン、【分節】writ?ten
  • written will    遺言書{ゆいごんしょ}
  • material    1material n. 物質; 原料, 材料; 資料, 教材; 用具, 道具; (服などの)生地.【動詞+】These incidents afford ample material for satire.《文語》 こういう(よからぬ)出来事は風刺の材料をたっぷり提供するamass materials for……の材料を集めるassemble materials into a structu
  • (a written) petition    (a written) petition請願書せいがんしょ
  • (written) appeal    (written) appeal檄げき
  • (written) contract    (written) contract契約書けいやくしょ
  • (written) declaration    (written) declaration宣言書せんげんしょ
  • (written) history    (written) history青史せいし
  • (written) indictment    (written) indictment起訴状きそじょう
  • (written) music    (written) music譜面ふめん


  • it seems that the first written material describing his stay in kanto was a document donated to a temple in february 1506 .
  • keiji nagahara has expressed his opinion that the written material ' kinsei tokuseirei jojo ' (prohibition tokuseirei articles ) which was handed down to kofuku-ji temple is a document that laid down the rules to enforce tokusei .
    永原慶二は、興福寺に残される文書「禁制 徳政令 条々」(正長元年11月)を、徳政の実施規則を定めた文書であるとの見解を示している。
  • since this written material coincided with the inscription in the year when they were made , nagahara concluded that in yamato kofuku-ji temple issued tokuseirei , with the result that ' yagyu no tokusei hibun ' was inscribed .
  • as a written material which systematically presents shonan ' s theory of nation , there is ' kokuze sanron ' (the three major discussion of state policy ) written for the reformation of domain duties of fukui domain , echigo province in 1860 .
  • fujiwara no saneyori is known for his deep study of girei (rites ), and the diary , is said to include many definitions about the rituals and customs of the imperial court , later it became the primary written material in a school called ononomiya line , of which he was the founder .
  • although not based on a written material of history , there is a theory that holds that aritsuna ' s wife was a daughter of yoshitsune and a sister of the brothers of tsugunobu sato and tadanobu sato , who was born during their stay in hiraizumi , judging from the brothers ' enthusiastic devotion to yoshitsune .
  • in 1590 , nobukatsu was deprived of his post by hideyoshi toyotomi , so she transferred to koori in owari province dominated by the ikoma clan , and this was evidently instructed by hideyushi judging from the shuinjo (a shogunal license for foreign trade ) of hideyoshi existing in " haibara-ke monjo " (haibara family ' s written material ) as well as the fact that soon she lived back in kyoto , and it seems that gotoku ' s treatment was under the control of hideyoshi .
  • according to two existing copies , including " katori tadokoro monjo " (katori tadokoro written material ) (possessed by the toyo bunko [oriental library ]) , the act was issued , accompanied by an official document addressed to kokuga (provincial government offices ) in various districts from the kebiishicho (office of police and judicial chief ) and a document describing the policy of the benevolent rule (some say that the act itself was included in the document describing the virtuous rule policy ), and was also put up on the wall of kirokujo (land record office ).


  • the work of a writer; anything expressed in letters of the alphabet (especially when considered from the point of view of style and effect); "the writing in her novels is excellent"; "that editorial was a fine piece of writing"
    Synonyms: writing, piece of writing,

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