21st special operation squadronの例文


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  1. The 67th ARRS which flew both the HC-130 " Hercules " and HH-53 " Super Jolly Green Giant " was split into two units, becoming the 67th Special Operations Squadron for the 130 fixed-wing aircraft and the 21st Special Operations Squadron for the rotary wing.
  2. *1975  Sikorsky CH-53C, 68-10933, c / n 65-231, Knife 13, of the 21st Special Operations Squadron, departs from Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base with a crew of five and 18 USAF Security Police onboard to assist in the recovery operation of the SS Mayaguez.
  3. An MH-53J Pave Low helicopter from the 352d Special Operations Group's 21st Special Operations Squadron, landed aboard the operating in the Mediterranean Sea on 4 February 1999 . The helicopter, call sign SKAT 08, got an emergency call to evacuate a seaman with appendicitis for transport to the hospital in Lecce, Italy.
  4. In May 1975, when Cambodian communist forces hijacked the " Mayag黣z ", Fisk, flying aboard " Knife 51 ", a 21st Special Operations Squadron CH-53, was a member of the assault force that successfully recovered the ship, attempted to rescue the crew, and liberated the entrapped US Marines . " Knife 51 " was the last helicopter to evacuate the Marines from Koh Tang and Fisk was the last Air Force serviceman to leave the ground having combed the beach for stragglers, Fisk received his second Silver Star for this operation.


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