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  1. It peaked at number 38 on the US " Billboard " 200 and received multiple A Beautiful Lie " was released as the album's fourth single in some territories.
  2. Either way or another, this still would have " emo " stated, because emo is mentioned at the end of the allmusic review for 30 Seconds to Mars'A Beautiful Lie album.
  3. "Obviously, all these years you've had a beautiful lie with which to do anything you can to the ball, " said Ben Crenshaw, a two-time Masters champion.
  4. Further on in this interview, Jared revealed that album's style will be leaning more towards that of their self-titled debut than that of " A Beautiful Lie ", saying that,
  5. In 2003, he joined Thirty Seconds to Mars, with whom he achieved worldwide recognition in the mid-2000s after recording the band's second album " A Beautiful Lie " ( 2005 ).


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