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  1. Mounfield has a guest role in the movie " 24 Hour Party People " ( 2002 ), and was in a supergroup band called Freebass with bass players Andy Rourke ( ex-the Smiths ) and Peter Hook ( Joy Division / It's a Beautiful Life ", in 2010.
  2. As part of a strategy to build wider appeal, Miles also began appearing in more family friendly movie roles, in films like " Sanib ", " A Beautiful Life ", and " Gagamboy " & ndash; Regal Film's 2003 Metro Manila Film Festival entry & ndash; as actor Vhong Navarro's love interest.
  3. In 2007, she starred as Coco in the film adaptation of the controversial Chinese contemporary novel, " Shanghai Baby ", which premiered at Cannes Film Festival, and also guest-starred in one episode ( " A Beautiful Life ", although she became more well known for her red carpet appearances and outrageous fashions
  4. Only then, perhaps, would we begin to understand our life story, or to tolerate it and ultimately, perhaps, to find it beautiful; not that any life is ever beautiful, but the measure of a beautiful life is perhaps one that sees its blemishes, knows they can't be forgiven and, for all that, learns each day to look the other way.


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