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  1. It was a calculated risk, because I could have just taken it to the Turkey Portal, thrown it in there with a box of matches and some shellite, and ensured a renewed ethnic / nationalist edit war between Turks and Armenians.
  2. At another, unspecified, location someone found a box of matches, a metal spanner, and a paraffin-soaked copy of  The Suffragette newspaper with a short statement, apparently linking Lever to an article on  White Slavery, written in pencil on its front cover.
  3. With the aid of his twentieth-century knowledge and skepticism, and the aid of a " magical " device or two ( such as a box of matches ), the boy manages to keep most of the children alive and eventually gets them to safety.
  4. The Braves'pitching, the sport's reference standard over the decade and up to Tuesday almost perfect against New York, failed horribly as a seemingly lopsided series began to look like the worst disaster to befall this peachy community since Gen . Sherman marched through with a box of matches.
  5. Ringo Starr had frequently augmented Beatles tracks with percussion instruments such as maracas or tambourine, but on " I'm Looking Through You " he unusually used taps on a box of matches, perhaps influenced by a similar trick as done by Gene Krupa in the 1941 film " Ball of Fire ".


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