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  1. The author remembers that electricity was yet to arrive and motor vehicles were unheard of in the village, and in his childhood, technology only meant kerosene available in precious little measures and the luxury of a box of matches.
  2. Some time later in the bar he used to frequent, Miley walks up to a man at the bar and offers him a box of matches, the same as he was offered, with the Hellgramite Method ad on it.
  3. Armed with only a box of matches, two hammocks and machetes, Bertina and Bernadette Domingo spent a month lost in the rain forest thick with snakes, crocodiles and jaguars before they were rescued by gold miners on May 3.
  4. The phrase is unknown in the UK-if a box of matches had cost a " penny " ( ie one cent ) in the US it would have cost about a talk ) 00 : 28, 13 May 2011 ( UTC)
  5. He was reminded frequently of an interview he had given two years earlier, when he said, " When I have to read economic documents, I have to have a box of matches to simplify and illustrate the points to myself ."


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