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  1. A fellow national, Saleem Abdul Hai, went in to the well to rescue Ahad but got there too late, the paper said.
  2. A fellow National Basketball Association team, the Los Angeles Clippers, wears red uniforms for road games, as do the Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets and the Houston Comets of the Burnley.
  3. He died at the Delgado Clinic in Quezon City on April 2, 2002, at the age of 91, just two days after the death of a fellow National Artist, Lucio San Pedro ( who wrote the music for " Sa Ugoy ng Duyan " ).
  4. Favorites to replace President Lacalle, who is forbidden by law from serving consecutive terms, are Alberto Volonte, a fellow National ( Blanco ) Party member, and Julio Sanguinetti of the Colorado Party, Uruguay's traditional centrist parties which have alternated in power for most of this century.
  5. on another level, what amazes me is that a fellow national ( Jo鉶 Ricardo ), who should know about ABATEJ by this time just comes in from out of the blue sentencing ABATEJ to the discredit of havis its entry DELETED ! this man should be one of the many who is daily editing the entry on our president Lula da Silva, just for the fun of it . . . ( rmp)


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