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  1. Couples are more likely to have a female baby than a male if either of the partners smoked heavily while they tried to conceive.
  2. A man who was embroiled in a trans-Atlantic battle to adopt twin girls over the Internet pleaded guilty to sexually molesting a female baby sitter.
  3. If the couple desires a male baby the faster swimmers are artificially inseminated, and if the couple desires a female baby the same procedure is enacted with the slower swimmers.
  4. For entrepreneurs, the demographics are compelling : Women purchase more health care and make more family health decisions than men; they live longer; and as female baby boomers reach menopause, they seek more medical advice.
  5. After finding a distant relative to the Royal Family with a female baby, he promptly murdered and her husband-to raise himself the child, Nalia, with the intention of ultimately making her a Queen completely dependent on himself.


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