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  1. One of the prototypes ( known as the " static airframe " ) is subject to destructive testing, i . e ., the prototype is subject to stress beyond normal and abnormal operations until destruction.
  2. After experiencing the abnormal engine No 2 operation, at one stage the cockpit crew indicated confusion about the engine No 1 or 2 and subsequently transmitted incorrect information to the ATC Tower that they were experiencing abnormal operation of engine No 1.
  3. But Peter deFur, a toxicologist and biologist with Virginia Commonwealth University who has researched other incinerators and their health effects, said a record of accidents during incineration in the 1990s on Johnston Island and in Tooele, taken from the Army's reports, shows " abnormal operations, accidents, spills, things have gone wrong ."
  4. On December 18, 2015 Pakistan's Safety Investigation Board released their final report stating that the accident was caused by the inability of the captain to handle the abnormal operation of engine No 2 just after takeoff, failure of the cockpit crew to raise the landing gear after experiencing the engine anomaly, and execution of remedial actions by the First Officer before the attainment of minimum safe altitude.
  5. The procedures are the following : Level 1 : Prevention of abnormal operation and failure, Level 2 : Control of abnormal operation and detection of failure, Level 3 : Control of accidents within the design basis, Level 4 : Control of severe plant conditions, including prevention of accident progression and mitigation of consequences of severe accidents, Level 5 : Mitigation of radiological consequences of significant release of radioactive materials.


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