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  1. Richard haibach's whereabouts during the abduction of your associate can be stated with absolute certainty .
    あなたの同僚が誘拐された時 リチャード?ハイバックがどこにいたかは 完璧に間違いなく証言される
  2. Until recently , i would've said with absolute certainty that he was greater , far greater , than the sum of his parts .
    最近まで間違いなく そうだと思っていた ...彼はとってもとっても 大きな存在
  3. Can you tell me with absolute certainty that we weren't just as likely die out there , with you , in the woods , with winter coming on ?
    絶対に確実なことを 私に言ってくれないか... 冬の到来とともに私たちは森の中で 君と共に死んでしまうのでは?
  4. Although it is said that a sengoku daimyo (japanese territorial lord in the sengoku period ) called the ukita clan was derived from him , as there was another theory in regard to the origin of the ukita clan , it is impossible to decide that the clan was descent from him with absolute certainty .
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