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  1. Once popular in the 1950s and 1960s, he notes, home delivery declined because delivery costs became prohibitive and lifestyles changed : stores were built close to residential areas, while two-income households meant fewer people were home to accept delivery.
  2. A source close to French-based Airbus Industrie, one of PAL's major suppliers, said PAL has agreed to accept delivery of five A-320 planes it previously ordered but plans to resell them to another carrier or sell them back to Airbus.
  3. Because the customer refuses to accept delivery, Flannery is forced to feed and house what he now calls the " dago pigs " in his office, until he receives permission from his superiors to return the pigs to the company warehouse.
  4. The lawsuit claims that US Airways breached its contract with Boeing when the Arlington, Virginia-based carrier refused to make a payment for the 757 aircraft in November 1996 and said that it wouldn't accept delivery of eight 757s and 40 737s it had ordered.
  5. I say " adventurous " because you have to accept delivery of bundles of cut flowers a few days ahead of an event and store them in a cool or warm temperature ( depending on their condition upon arrival ) to coax them to bloom.


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