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  1. And she drew up a release form so the hotel, without liability, could accept delivery of cars that had been transported from one address to another.
  2. Politkovskaya, a reporter for the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, arranged earlier for the hostage-takers to accept deliveries of water and warm meals for the captives.
  3. The machine was ready about September 1970 but by that time the buyers'production schedule had to be re-arranged as they could not accept delivery until November 1970.
  4. However, in March, 2005, the company went into administration citing a lack of cash caused, it claimed, by an airline failing to accept delivery of completed aircraft.
  5. The airline said it would replace two Airbus A300 freighters when it accepts delivery of the new plans, currently set or May and June of next year.


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