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  1. But then the bank refused to accept delivery of them, saying it had closed Green's account because it fell below the minimum required balance of $ 250, 000.
  2. If supplies of popular toys run out, children and collectors must often make do with a rain check from the store and accept delivery a few months later.
  3. Many sites that had refused to pay for their machines due to the low quality of EOS found ETA's UNIX completely usable and were willing to accept delivery.
  4. Players can control what a warehouse stores by giving it orders to what commodities to accept delivery of, which to refuse, and which to seek out from another warehouse.
  5. Politkovskaya, a reporter for the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, had arranged earlier in the day for the hostage-takers to accept deliveries of water and warm meals for the captives.


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