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  1. Home delivery customers are mainly " those with high incomes, two or more kids, with both parents working outside the home and a nanny able to accept delivery, " he says.
  2. "You don't want to buy September ( gasoline ) unless you have the ability to accept delivery and can sell the stuff, " said Bill O'Grady, analyst at A . G . Edwards.
  3. By next March, the FAA plans to accept delivery of a network of receivers on the ground that will be used to help reduce the margin of error in the Global Positioning System.
  4. Dassin said Yousef quickly joined his co-conspirators in Jersey City, New Jersey, where they ordered chemicals and rented a storage shed to accept deliveries and an apartment to serve as a bomb factory.
  5. USAir told Boeing that it wouldn't accept delivery of eight 757-200s that were scheduled to be sent to USAir in 1998, according to a filing USAir made yesterday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


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