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  1. The pipeline, meanwhile, is due to start delivering gas by July 1, and the PTT claims it will have to pay huge fines if it is not ready to accept delivery by that date.
  2. Those plans fell apart when the power plant projects were delayed and gas prices fell, and Enron refused to accept delivery of the gas in September 1996, triggering litigation on both sides of the Atlantic.
  3. Newman said he understood from informal discussions with county representatives that he could accept delivery of some of the heads from Texas to show zoning officials as well as potential investors what they looked like.
  4. The terminals are used when a shipment is moved from a short-haul truck to a long-haul truck, or when a military munitions depot refuses to accept delivery of the explosives because it is a weekend or holiday.
  5. The cost is $ 1 per bottle per year, and they accept deliveries from wineries . " While it's like sending your children to boarding school, at least you know they are being well taken care of,"


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