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  1. Specialist in language and on race relations, John McWhorter has described its use as straying from commonly accepted meaning to encompass much less extreme issues which thereby cheapens the term and can shut-down productive discussion.
  2. One final thought : in botanical naming conventions, there are a few single-letter codes with well-accepted meanings, e . g . talk ) 02 : 22, 6 May 2014 ( UTC)
  3. To facilitate their fast delivery a'looser'loading gauge was accepted meaning that initially they could only serve on the NIMT from Auckland to Paekakariki, and the D B class to handle traffic on this line.
  4. It should be considered a weakness of TE original model to specify detailed implementation aspects such as labels and matrix, especially using the terms  domain and  types which have other, more generic, widely accepted meanings.
  5. This tag gives a false sense of legitimacy to items that should be labeled as an essay or a policy or a guideline . " Supplement " has no accepted meaning as to status and it obfuscates the authority behind a page.


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