acoustic couplerの例文


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  1. This was particularly problematic with early home modems which used acoustic couplers, because most home phones were hard-wired to the wall at that time.
  2. Acoustic couplers are still used by people travelling in areas of the world where electrical connection to the telephone network is illegal or impractical.
  3. Acoustic couplers have always been able to do that, but it involves attaching the two suction cups to the ear and mouthpiece of the handset.
  4. Direct electrical connections to telephone networks, once they were made legal, rapidly became the preferred method of attaching modems, and the use of acoustic couplers dwindled.
  5. In Germany the very restrictive rules of the state-owned telephone system prevented widespread use of inexpensive, non-telco licensed modems, prompting the use of inferior acoustic couplers instead.


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