acoustic couplerの例文


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  1. Back then, people logged on by using acoustic couplers attached to telephone receivers and teletype terminals connected to large mainframes _ the network's " host " computers.
  2. It was possible to use the Model 100 with most phones in the world with the use of an optional acoustic coupler that fit over a standard telephone handset.
  3. The usual terminal for a TSB system was a Teletype Model 33 ASR and connected directly to the I / O processor or through a modem or acoustic coupler.
  4. After being approached by James C . Marsters, Weitbrecht came up with a revised design for the acoustic coupler ( now called a modem ), which used echo suppression.
  5. The Scrib was designed as a portable drafting tool for journalists : it was linked to an acoustic coupler, enabling reporters to send their articles over standard phone landines.


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