acoustic couplerの例文


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  1. One is an acoustic coupler ( $ 149 ) that works, even on pay phones, at speeds up to 28 . 8 Kbps depending on line conditions, according to the manufacturer, Konexx Inc.
  2. The first generations of hardware modems ( including acoustic couplers ) and their protocols used relatively simple modulation techniques such as ASK at low speeds and with inefficient use of the telephone line's bandwidth.
  3. The modem is powered from the portfolio and came with an acoustic coupler consisting of two round shells that could be mounted over both ends of a handset with the aid of velcro strips.
  4. The machine was advanced for 1982, featuring 256 kB RAM, dual 360 kB 5.25 " floppy disk drives, a graphics card compatible with both CRT, 300 bit / s modem, and even an acoustic coupler.
  5. Their gear includes a Toshiba Libretto laptop that weighs 1.87 pounds; a Ricoh digital camera and a telephone hook-up kit that includes numerous adapter plugs, adapter jacks, a telephone line tester and an acoustic coupler.


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