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  1. It is a low-cost personal digital assistant ( PDA ) with an inbuilt acoustic coupler which allows users to send and receive E-mail while connected to a normal telephone, thus allowing use outside of mobile phone range, or without the need to be signed up with a mobile telephone provider.
  2. In an era when it could be safely assumed that the remote user would hang up when they were finished their call, as they were likely using an acoustic coupler modem like the original CAT, the lack of a " hang up my phone " command was not a real problem.
  3. In cases where it is possible to run new cables, it can be advantageous to split the telephone line after it enters the home, installing a single DSL filter on one leg and running it to every Telephone Devices for the Deaf, mainly certain older models using an acoustic coupler, may be hardwired and may not easily accept a DSL filter.
  4. An acoustic coupler is prominently shown early in the 1983 film " WarGames ", when character David Lightman ( depicted by actor Matthew Broderick ) places a telephone handset into the cradle of a film prop acoustic modem to accentuate the act of using telephone lines for interconnection to the developing computer networks of the period in this case, a military command computer.
  5. In addition to its HP estate a DEC PDP-10 operated as a front-end processor ( FEP ) connecting UK users to 16 DEC PDP-11s based in the US . Connectivity was provided via leased Westrex ASR 33 or Data Dynamics 390 punched-tape enabled teletype machines connected via Post Office ( ex GPO ) type 2 modems or acoustic couplers connecting telephone handsets operating at up to 110cps.


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