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  1. Since each additional bit doubles the maximum value, it should be about 32 years until 64-bit machines cannot handle the number of bits in the addresses used for data by hard disks.
  2. With the core in its standard orientation, the first bit of the first data word is placed in the upper-left corner, with additional bits placed in a 2-bit-wide column left-to-right and top-to-bottom.
  3. Instead, most of the focus was on how users could get their hands on patches, the additional bits of software code that would spackle over the holes in their vulnerable e-mail programs.
  4. The transmitting multiplexer also adds additional bits in order to allow the far end receiving multiplexer to decode which bits belong to which data stream, and so correctly reconstitute the original data streams.
  5. A theorem presented below shows that any public string protocol can be simulated by a private string protocol that uses " O ( log n ) " additional bits compared to the original.


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