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  1. When using a complement representation, to convert a signed number to a wider format the additional bits must be filled with copies of the sign bit in order to preserve its numerical value,
  2. The exception is that VITC is encoded twice per interlaced video frame, once in each field, and one additional bit ( the " field flag " ) is used to distinguish the two fields.
  3. German fans got an additional bit of fame since Sonata Arctica played their first single from the forthcoming album, " Don't Say A Word ", for the first time ever at the Summer Breeze festival.
  4. The ISO 8859 series of standards governing 8-bit character encodings supersede the ISO 646 international standard and its national variants, by providing 96 additional characters with the additional bit and thus avoiding any substitution of ASCII codes.
  5. Considering the transmission of three additional bits per data byte and the pauses before and after the start bit, this results in a usable data rate of 102 bytes per second, and about 6 kilobytes per minute.


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