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  1. It took on additional meaning in the seventh grade, when Wortham High School's 6-4, 300-pound water boy towered over every player on the varsity roster.
  2. As the Huntington extracts additional meaning from the reassuring message of the play it happens to be presenting at this moment, companies that are presenting darker works also find a new resonance.
  3. One of these additional meanings  the one from which the name of the dish with fries is thought to derive  is " unappetizing mixture of various foods, usually leftovers ".
  4. When a term has a primary meaning and two or more additional meanings, the hatnote on the primary topic page should link to a disambiguation page . may be used for this.
  5. All of these forms are frequently " lexicalized " ( i . e . they are given additional meanings and become the origin of many lexical items in the vocabulary ).


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