advancement of science and technologyの例文


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  1. While its activism and events are typically focused on media and education, TZM is a major supporter of open source projects worldwide since they allow for uninhibited advancement of science and technology, independent of constraints posed by institutions of patenting and capitalist investment.
  2. His research on Dynamic Progression and Development Trend of the Evolution of Environment in the last 150, 000 years in Drought and Semi-drought Areas won the first prize for the Advancement of Science and Technology awarded by Chinese Academy of Science in 1998.
  3. In 1976, Salam recommended creating an international forum for the advancement of science and technology to be hosted by Pakistan in the Nathiagali Physics Conferences has gathered notable scientists from around the world during summer breaks to break the intellectual isolation faced by Pakistani scientists.
  4. The "'Ministry of Science and Technology National Research Institutes and Technological departments "'is an administrative and systematic division that oversees, coordinates, and supervises the system of facilities and laboratories for the purpose of developing and promoting advancement of science and technology to benefits the country's economy and foreign policy.
  5. "The first things that make a scientist are their need to know and their sense of beauty, but it's the rivalry that stirs them into working late at night in the lab, " said Michael White, author of " Acid Tongues and Tranquil Dreamers : Tales of Bitter Rivalry that Fueled the Advancement of Science and Technology ."


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