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  1. In a parallel direction, it had been clearly specified that the new research of the aesthetic activity liberated from the servitudes of figuration, required a deeper coincidence of the substance and form :  We must reach a synthesis where neither colour nor form nor content is absent.
  2. David Hesmondhalgh writes that  by  Cultural production Bourdieu intends a very broad understanding of culture, in line with the tradition of classical sociology, including science ( which in turn includes social science ), law and religion, as well as expressive-aesthetic activities such as art, literature and music.
  3. Early pieces such as " Towards a Philosophy of the Act " and " Author and Hero in Aesthetic Activity " are indebted to the philosophical trends of the time particularly the Marburg School Neo-Kantianism of Hermann Cohen, including Ernst Cassirer, Max Scheler and, to a lesser extent, Nicolai Hartmann.
  4. The sustained use of Picnic Point and adjacent parkland as a tract of contiguous land reserves devoted to the primary purpose of public recreation and to an appreciation of the natural landscape, demonstrates the enduring importance of this type of leisure and aesthetic activity for Queenslanders from the time of European settlement.


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