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  1. Tomkins recognized that our affective experiences fall into patterns that we may group together according to criteria such as the types of persons and places involved and the degree of intensity of the effect experienced, the patterns of which constitute scripts that inform our behavior in an effort to maximize positive affect and to minimize negative affect.
  2. For the sake of simplicity, let us keep out things like motivation, or attitude, or temperament, which could belong to other categories anyway ( volition, or cognition, or personality ) & Feeling, emotion, mood, and sentiment are all the same, in a certain sense : they are affective experiences.
  3. David Elliott and Marissa Silverman suggest that more effective advocacy involves shying away from " dumbing down " values and aims through slogans and misleading data, energy being better focused into engaging potential supporters in active music-making and musical-affective experiences, these actions recognizing that music and music-making are inherent to human culture and behavior, distinguishing humans from other species.
  4. It should be noted however that the adjective " emotional " looks like an acceptable synonym of affective ! " Feeling " does not seem appropriate as a category heading : it seems not suitable for an enumeration of a variety of feelings & So, "'what term should be used for referring to the category of affective experiences or emotional states in general " '?
  5. Boredom has been defined by Cynthia D . Fisher in terms of its main central psychological processes : " an unpleasant, transient interest and difficulty concentrating on the current activity . " Mark Leary et al . describe boredom as " an affective experience associated with cognitive attentional processes . " In positive psychology, boredom is described as a response to a moderate challenge for which the subject has more than enough skill.


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