affective forecastingの例文


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  1. These studies suggest that in some cases accurate affective forecasting can actually promote unwanted outcomes such as the collapse of compassion phenomenon by way of the region-beta paradox.
  2. Affective forecasting is the process of Daniel Gilbert in 2003 have shown that people overestimate the strength of reaction to anticipated positive and negative life events that they actually feel when the event does occur.
  3. Applying findings from affective forecasting research to happiness also raises methodological issues : should happiness measure the outcome of an experience, or the satisfaction experienced as result of the choice made based upon a forecast?
  4. While affective forecasting has traditionally drawn the most attention from economists and psychologists, their findings have in turn generated interest from a variety of other fields, including happiness research, law, and health care.
  5. Projection bias can arise from empathy gaps ( or hot / cold empathy gaps ), which occur when the present and future phases of affective forecasting are characterized by different states of physiological arousal, which the forecaster fails to take into account.


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