affective forecastingの例文


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  1. Affective events theory Affective forecasting Affective marketing Ben Franklin effect Culture of fear Culture shock Emotional contagion Emotional labor Expressed emotion Feeling rules Greed and fear Jealousy sociology Mass hysteria Moral panic Mourning sickness Negativity effect Simulation theory of empathy Social defeat Social support Vicarious arousal
  2. For example, Cameron and Payne conducted a series of studies in order to investigate the relationship between affective forecasting and the collapse of compassion phenomenon, which refers to the tendency for people's compassion to decrease as the number of people in need of help increases.
  3. Acceptance Affect ( psychology ) Affect Control Theory Affect heuristic Affect theory Affection Affective Affective Events Theory Affective computing Affective design Affective filter Affective forecasting Affective marketing Affective neuroscience Affective science Aggression Agitation ( emotion ) Air rage Alexithymia Ambivalence Amusement Amygdala Anger Angst Animal loss Animal love Annoyance Anthropopathy Anticipation ( emotion ) Anticipatory grief Anxiety Anxiety disorder Anxiogenic Apathy Apprehension ( understanding)
  4. With David Schkade, Kahneman developed the notion of the focusing illusion ( Kahneman & Schkade, 1998; Kahneman, Krueger, Schkade, Schwarz & Stone, 2006 ) to explain in part the mistakes people make when estimating the effects of different scenarios on their future happiness ( also known as affective forecasting, which has been studied extensively by Daniel Gilbert ).


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