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  1. During a question-and-answer session with members of the public and the media, Al Al-Sheikh denied that the government influenced fatwas ( religious rulings ) and said accusations to the contrary within the media were false:
  2. Saudi Arabia's chief cleric Grand Mufti Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah Al al-Sheik condemned the protests in comments published in a Saudi daily Wednesday, saying Saudis with complaints should take them to government officials, not to the streets.
  3. Numerous atrocities were committed by both factions and the war resulted in the migration of several Al Jadila clans from the north Arabian plains to Syria, while the Al al-Ghawth remained in Jabal Aja and Jabal Salma.
  4. The official Saudi Press Agency on Tuesday carried comments by Saudi Arabia's top Muslim cleric, Sheik Abdul-Aziz bin Al al-Sheik, that were circulated by Saudi papers on Wednesday, condemning the attacks and describing them as " crimes ."
  5. The kingdom's top religious authority, Sheik Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah Al al-Sheik, said recently that the sacrifice was not a compulsory part of hajj or the feast and advised Muslims not to put themselves at risk to perform it.


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