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  1. He spoke in the capacity as head of the board of trustees of Al al-Beit Foundation for Islamic Ideology, which is hosting the gathering _ usually held every two years.
  2. Kublai brought siege engineers, Ismail and Al al-Din, together they invented the " Muslim trebuchet " ( Hui-Hui Pao ), which was utilized by Kublai Khan during the Battle of Xiangyang.
  3. The Amman gathering was hosted by Al al-Beit Foundation for Islamic Thought, a semi-independent think tank established in 1980 by Abdullah's father, King Hussein, who died of cancer three years ago.
  4. The latter sent Al al-Din and Ismail, together with their families, by post route to Hangzhou, where they began by building large mangonels which they erected in front of the city gates.
  5. Arafat, Sheik Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah Al al-Sheik said Islam was passing through a crucial phase, but he avoided directly specifying Islam's enemies or a possible U . S .-led attack on Iraq.


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