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  1. The main goal of these studies is to try to understand the mechanisms involved in the adaptation of dense algal cultures to the extreme environment existing in many drylands.
  2. Germanium dioxide is used in algaculture as an inhibitor of unwanted diatom growth in algal cultures, since contamination with the comparatively fast-growing diatoms often inhibits the growth of or outcompetes the original algae strains.
  3. Professor Fogg wrote important foundational texts on the latter two : " The Metabolism of Algae " ( Methuen, 1954 ) and " Algal Cultures and Phytoplankton Ecology " ( University of Wisconsin Press, 1966 ).
  4. :Wikipedia articles are unlikely to contain the specific information you are looking for over such a wide range of algae species, but you may be able to find the information you're looking for by following the links found at List of algal culture collections . talk ) 02 : 21, 18 January 2009 ( UTC)
  5. John Burlew, the editor of the Carnegie Institution of Washington book " Algal Culture-from Laboratory to Pilot Plant ", stated, " the algae culture may fill a very real need, " which " Science News Letter " turned into " future populations of the world will be kept from starving by the production of improved or educated algae related to the green scum on ponds . " The cover of the magazine also featured Arthur D . Little's Cambridge laboratory, which was a supposed future food factory.


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