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  1. Bob Grawi's gravikord is in essence a metallic, amplified version of a Senegambian kora, the harp-guitar that has been used for centuries by West African griots.
  2. An electric guitar is not just an amplified version of an acoustic instrument; it's an electronic signal generator that's controlled by fingers on strings and settings on pedals and amplifiers.
  3. The First Tower of " Ar tonelico " is an " amplification Tower " that " supplies the people with an amplified version of the power of sounds on which Sound Science is grounded ".
  4. "It's an amplified version of what happens all the time between politics and television, where each is trying to manage the other side to conform to its imperatives and needs ."
  5. The extraordinary upwelling of grief and affection that followed the princess'death in a Paris motor accident early last Sunday was not simply an amplified version of the anguish that inevitably follows the death of someone young, especially a young mother.


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