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  1. Coming into force generally includes publication in an official gazette so that people know the law or treaty exists, which generally releases it into the public domain.
  2. According to the recently issued Ottoman constitutional law, each " vilayet " ( first-order administrative division ) was to have an official printing house and an official gazette.
  3. Supporters of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe raided the government's printing press on Friday, preventing a presidential order from being released in an official gazette _ a necessary step in enacting new measures.
  4. This journal is the head of the set of the governmental journals in Mexico ( every state and the Federal District has an official gazette for its jurisdiction, and also some municipalities ).
  5. The Defense Ministry issued the decree to fire the eight in an official gazette, saying the soldiers had signed " a document of political nature, promoted by diverse politically active organizations and not by a competent governmental body ."


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