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  1. Directive no . 11 of the same day made the work of the council more orderly by establishing English, French, Russian and German as the official languages of the council, and by establishing an official gazette to publish the council's official acts.
  2. The Insular Government began their own official gazette and the " Official Gazette " was created under Act No . 453, " An Act providing for the publication by the Insular Government of an Official Gazette, under the general direction of the Department of Public Instruction ".
  3. Swaziland s new anti-trafficking law empowers the government, by notice in an official gazette, to declare any house or building a place of refuge for the care and protection of trafficking victims, though the government did not open such victim care centers in Swaziland during the reporting period.
  4. The " "'Bundesgesetzblatt f黵 die Republik 謘terreich " "'( "'BGBl . "') ( " "'Federal Law Gazette for the Republic of Austria " "') is an official gazette in Austria for the announcement of federal laws, ministerial decrees, proclamations and pronouncements of the President as well as international treaties and other supranational law.


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