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  1. Puerto Rican Justice Secretary Anabelle Rodriguez said the Puerto Rican government would appeal the ruling, according to The Associated Press.
  2. Justice Secretary Anabelle Rodriguez hasn't received a response from Judge Baltasar Garzon about the request sent Tuesday night, Justice officials said Thursday.
  3. Puerto Rico Justice Secretary Anabelle Rodriguez, however, said Monday that the U . S . Justice Department notified her in a letter of Cabral's brief detention.
  4. The measure would prohibit loud noises along the shores of the U . S . territory _ such as those produced by the bombing, said Puerto Rican Justice Secretary Anabelle Rodriguez.
  5. The government will take court action to invalidate the retail giant's purchase of Supermercado Amigo's 35 supermarkets, which employ 4, 500 workers, Justice Secretary Anabelle Rodriguez said Thursday.


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