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  1. The LALR parser and its alternatives, the SLR parser and the Canonical LR parser, have similar methods and parsing tables; their main difference is in the mathematical grammar analysis algorithm used by the parser generation tool.
  2. Depending on the software in question, that may or may not be an option ( obviously if your software involves doing something brilliant  like having exceptionally clever visual analysis algorithms  you can't do a " dumb " version ).
  3. However, since a transient analysis first performs a DC operating point analysis ( unless the UIC option is specified in the . TRAN statement ), most of the DC analysis algorithms, control options, and initialization and convergence issues apply to transient analysis.
  4. Random padding of messages, random delays before forwarding, and encryption of forwarding information between forwarding remailers, increases the degree of difficulty for attackers still further as message size and timing can be largely eliminated as traffic analysis clues, and lack of easily readable forwarding information renders ineffective simple automated traffic analysis algorithms.
  5. The Further Reading section of the 1970 edition of their book also cites a seminal paper by Karen S . Brethower : " Maintenance Systems : The Neglected Half of Behavior Change, " which contains an early version of a performance deficiency analysis algorithm developed by Geary Rummler, then at the University of Michigan.


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