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  1. The Bone Exercise Monitor is worn on the hip and it measures the acceleration and deceleration forces also known as G-forces acting on the body during the physical activity and its specially developed measurement and analysis algorithm analyses the data and corresponds it into understandable format by showing how many percent of required daily ( and weekly ) bone strengthening physical activity has been done.
  2. A principal axis factoring without rotation ) to solve for the unknown competence values on the main diagonal . ( For the informal model, the maximum likelihood factor analysis algorithm is preferred, but principal axis factoring can be used as well . ) To determine whether the solution meets cultural consensus criteria, that only a single factor is present, a goodness of fit rule is used.
  3. An EU FP7 project was set up by a consortium of partners : Greenbank Group UK, Intelligent Systems Research Institute ( ISRI ), Innora, WLB, Lenis Global, AeroCARE and AeroSTAR . The project delivers an advanced airborne volcanic ash detection prototype which uses bespoke machine vision interrogation of volcanic ash and an intelligent image analysis algorithm to classify the a cluster of debris into ash and not ash.
  4. Upon a special request from the head of the Landscape Archaeology Department ( Dr . Sander Van Der Leeuw ) at the Sorbonne, he taught MA students in GIS applications in archaeology in 1999 . It involved instructing the theories and methods of landscape archaeology applications through the use of GIS and individually instructing participants in the use of the software and how to apply GIS analysis algorithms to data sets prepared during the courses.
  5. The most popular solution techniques fall into three classes of algorithms : ( 1 ) ordinary least squares algorithms applied independently to each path, such as applied in the so-called PLS path analysis packages which estimate with OLS; ( 2 ) covariance analysis algorithms evolving from seminal work by Wold and his student Karl J鰎eskog implemented in LISREL, AMOS, and EQS; and ( 3 ) simultaneous equations regression algorithms developed at the Cowles Commission by Tjalling Koopmans.


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