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  1. Gambetta recorded the album " Traversata : Italian Music in America " ( Acoustic Disc, 2001 ) with guitarist David Grisman and mandolinist Carlo Aonzo.
  2. Luigi Rizzo's MAS fired a torpedo that hit and sunk, Aonzo fired his torpedoes against that was hit but the torpedoes didn't explode.
  3. More contemporary composers for the mandolin include Giuseppe Anedda ( a virtuoso performer and teacher of the first chair of the Conservatory of Italian mandolin ), Carlo Aonzo and Dorina Frati.
  4. ""'Traversata " "'is a collaborative album by American mandolinist David Grisman, Italian mandolinist Carlo Aonzo, and Italian guitarist Beppe Gambetta, playing guitar, mandolin, and the 14-string harp guitar.


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