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  1. Charles visited villagers including Aoo's oldest man, 87-year-old Dhira Gujjar, who showed the prince how different communities in Rajasthan tie their colorful turbans.
  2. In much of macroecology, the use of EOO as a measure of range size may be appropriate; however, AOO is a more appropriate measure when evaluating O A relationships.
  3. Today's AOo show U . S . crude stockpiles rose about 1.8 million barrels last week from 305.4 million barrels, analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News predicted.
  4. There are two types of measurements commonly in use, the extent of occurrence ( EOO ) and the area of occupancy ( AOO ) ( see also the Scaling pattern of occupancy ).
  5. A common way to describe the AOO of a species is to divide the study region into a matrix of cells and record if the species is present in or absent from each cell.


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