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  1. Overall, all these elements ( Iberian-derived maritime ceramic styles, AOC and AOO ceramic styles, and  eastern burial ritual symbolism ) appear to have first fused in the Lower Rhine region.
  2. Charles flew by helicopter to Aoo village, brushing sand off his cream-colored jacket several times as he climbed atop the roof of a house to see Sambhar Lake, which surrounds the dusty hamlet on three sides.
  3. AOO, India AP ) _ Britain's Prince Charles on Sunday visited a sprawling salt lake in the desert state of Rajasthan, greeting villagers in this parched and impoverished area on the latest stop of his tour of India.
  4. The IAccessible2 screen reader support from Symphony was ported and included in the AOO 4.1 release ( April 2014 ), although its first appearance in an open source software release was as part of LibreOffice 4.2 in January 2014.
  5. In January 2015 the project reported a lack of active developers and code contributions and that they were " still struggling in involving new volunteers who can independently work on big developments " . in September 2016 the project started discussions on possibly retiring AOO.


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