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  1. In doing so, she also battles Aornis Hades, the villainess, who nearly converted the world to Dream Topping in " Lost in a Good Book ", who is present in her memory as a mindworm.
  2. A mental copy of Aornis, embedded in Thursday's memories, made several appearances during the events of " The Well of Lost Plots ", often interacting with other'personas'as recalled by Next.
  3. However, in canonical descriptions of the underworld, there is no river by the name Aornis, nor are the other rivers tributary to the Styx-however they do all flow through the Greek Underworld and separate its different regions.
  4. Now that she is wanted by Goliath, the ChronoGuard, and Aornis, her father offers to place her in an alternate reality for a while ( it is ironically implied that this is our reality ) while she gives birth to Landen's baby.
  5. Guided through her dreams and memories by Landen, Thursday finds the event that caused the world-ending accident or rather, the person : Aornis Hades, Acheron Hades'sister who wants revenge on Thursday for Acheron's death in " The Eyre Affair ".


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