apical lineの例文


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  1. Underside : forewing shining greyish brown, the transverse fascia and the apical line indistinctly visible, hindwing shining brownish grey.
  2. The forewing upperside has a series of very thin, black discal streaks between the veins, ending with an oblique apical line.
  3. The forewing uppersides are pale bluish grey, with two prominent, dark median streaks, a long, black apical line, and a weak, undulating, black submarginal line.
  4. There is a black dot at the interior angle of the cell, a disco-submarginal series, a series of marginal black lunules and a short oblique black apical line.
  5. The forewing upperside ground colour is similar to " Perigonia pallida ", but the pattern is more contrasting and the dark apical line and discal spot are both more prominent.


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