apical lineの例文


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  1. Forewing dark greyish brown, five white lines in the basal area, a costal from one-quarter to the transverse fascia, a subcostal from base to one-third, bending from costa in distal half, a medial from base to the basal protrusion of the transverse fascia, a slightly oblique subdorsal from one-third to the transverse fascia, a dorsal from beyond base to one-quarter, a broad pale yellow transverse fascia from the middle with a short basal protrusion and an apical prolongation, bordered at the inner edge by two silver metallic subcostal and subdorsal spots, the subcostal spot with a patch of blackish scales on the outside, the subdorsal spot beyond inner edge of transverse fascia and further from base than the subcostal, edged dark brown on the inner side, two similarly coloured costal and dorsal spots at two-thirds of the transverse fascia, both spots opposite, the dorsal spot slightly larger than the costal, a white costal streak connected to the outer costal spot, a broad shining white apical line from the prolongation of the transverse fascia to apex, cilia ochreous-grey around apex, paler towards dorsum.


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