apical meristemの例文


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  1. If the apical meristem is removed, or has grown a sufficient distance away from an axillary bud, the axillary bud may become activated ( or more appropriately freed from hormone inhibition ).
  2. Initially, a young plant will only produce phytomers at its apical meristems but later in development, secondary meristems will begin to form and phytomers will be formed on this lateral plant growth.
  3. True leaves, however, are formed post-embryonically ( i . e . after germination ) from the shoot apical meristem, which is responsible for generating subsequent aerial portions of the plant.
  4. Dr . Meyerowitz is well known for his contributions on the genetic and molecular basis of plant hormone reception, and on the molecular mechanisms of pattern formation during flower and shoot apical meristem development.
  5. Euphyllophytes have large'true'leaves ( megaphylls ), which develop through marginal or apical meristems ( i . e ., the leaves effectively grow from the sides or the apex ).


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